Cozy Sleepwear Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Cozy Sleepwear Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Every year when the winter holidays roll around, we realize that cooler days are ahead, and we start to dream about spending our weekends sleeping late and then lazing about. Of course, that means we need just the right sleepwear. If you and your loved ones enjoy hanging about in your pajamas, you’ve got plenty of options regarding what to wear.

Read on for some suggestions for cozy sleepwear gifts for everyone on your list.

Fleece Pajamas

If you keep your house cool to save energy but want to remain warm, gift fleece pajamas are a great choice. The fleece fibers really help to trap and retain the warm air the body gives off, helping the wearer to be cozy and comfortable as they go about their morning routine. If you know someone who alternates between too hot and too cold, opt for a fleece robe instead. That way, your giftee can put on or take off their cozy fleece depending on how they’re feeling at the moment without having to totally change outfits. Plus, pockets! Whether as temporary hand warmers or to hold a tissue, lip balm, or a stick of gum, there’s something to be said about the ability to thrust one’s hands deep into the pockets of a robe.

Flannel Pajamas

For those individuals who like being cozy but find fleece makes them too hot, take the warmth level a notch down and gift them flannel pajamas. The brushed nap of flannel, which comes in both 100% cotton and cotton blends, helps hold in warm air, just like fleece. However, because flannel fabric is lighter in weight than fleece, not as much body heat will be retained. Plus, flannel comes in such a wide variety of colors and patterns that you’re certain to find something to suit each person on your list, whether they prefer sleepshirts, pajama sets, or nightgowns. If you want to turn your single gift into a coordinated gift set, add a matching flannel robe.

Cotton Pajamas

Cozy isn’t just for cold weather, especially if you live in an area where it’s warm even during the “winter” season. Not to mention, even if it’s cold now, it won’t be once summer rolls around, and everyone wants to be cozy then, too—but cozy and cool rather than cozy and warm. If you’re giving pajamas with an eye to their being worn in warmer temperatures, look for comfy PJs made from cotton knit or jersey. The soft fabric will feel great, and the cotton will help keep the wearer cooler. Do consider style. You might give someone a full-length nightgown or a pajama set with long sleeves and long pants in flannel or fleece. However, when it comes to cotton knits, you may be better off going for a shorter-length sleepshirt or a pajama set with a tank or short-sleeve top and shorts or cropped pants. The lighter-weight knit fabric won’t do much to help the wearer stay cool and comfy if their pajamas are retaining too much warmth.

Sleep Socks and Slippers

There’s more to sleepwear than pajamas. Many people like to sleep in socks. If you want to give a thoughtful gift to someone you know who likes to pamper their feet, choose a pair of thick socks and a jar or tube of fancy foot cream. The recipient can slather on the cream and put on the socks, then go to sleep knowing the sheets won’t get goo all over them. You can even find gloves for the same purpose, enabling you to gift a matching set. If you prefer, opt for a pair of slipper socks with treads. That way, if the wearer has to get up in the middle of the night, they won’t be stepping on the cold floor and also won’t have to worry about slipping. Finally, for those individuals on your list who prefer slippers, you can give a pair that coordinates with pajamas. If you want to make the slippers really special—and make the recipient feel as if they’re in the lap of luxury—gift a pair of monogrammed slippers.

When you’re reviewing your list, don’t forget to include something for your favorite doggo—they deserve cozy sleepwear, too! Depending on the temperature and the season you’re aiming for, you can choose a canine-size sleep shirt that’s made of flannel or a cotton knit. If you’re so inclined, ensure the sleep shirt coordinates with the other sleepwear items on your list. That way, when everyone gathers together in their matching pajamas, the family dog won’t be left out.

One last note: When choosing sleepwear, whether as a gift or even for yourself, you’ll want to find a balance between pajamas that are so tight as to be uncomfortable and so loose that the wearer gets twisted in the fabric. So, pay attention to the fabric and ensure you allow for shrinkage if needed. That way, your gift will be not only appreciated but actually worn.


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