How to Create a Cozy Living Room

How to Create a Cozy Living Room

Living rooms are naturally more formal and refined than family rooms. While the two are sometimes confused, the latter is the space that offers families greater flexibility. Those types of rooms are ideal for kicking back on the couch, watching television, playing games, and snacking. By contrast, the living room is more of an upscale lounge that’s often reserved for entertaining visitors, or for displaying pieces that are more occasional to your life than part of your everyday routine.

If you want to make even greater use of the space you may want to implement a few elements to amplify its coziness. Even if you don’t spend any more time in there than you did before, you can be certain that your guests will find these inviting extras appealing. From piling on the throw pillows to improving your storage situation, here’s how to give your living room a cozy boost.

Add Tons of Pillows

The living room tends to conjure images of ornate and extravagant furnishings. They may be dramatic, stately, or sophisticated. But you can give your room an instant makeover simply by piling on a few throw pillows. If your current couch setup is one that’s sorely lacking in the pillow department, then adding several more can make a difference both visually and to your comfort. Do the same with any chairs in the room. With options like striped and floral throw pillows available, it’s easy to spice things up with a personal touch.

Don’t dismiss the idea of adding throw pillows to the ground, too! If you’re really focused on transforming the tone of the room and lending it different meaning and purpose, tossing a few plush, oversized pillows on the ground will help. They can double as comfortable seating, and they add a sense of inviting warmth to what might otherwise seem like a very reserved, off-limits space. Pillows are naturally cozy, so they help change the vibe of the space very easily.

Add Some Plush Blankets

You may associate blankets strictly with the bedroom, but throw blankets make an excellent addition to living rooms — and even other areas of the home — when you want to soften things up a little bit. There are many different ways you can make use of this versatile accessory. The beauty of a throw blanket is that it’s lighter in weight than standard blankets. It’s easier to transport as a result, so you should focus on making it as accessible as possible.

Accomplish that in the living room by draping it over the back of the couch. That can lend the room an entirely different look, especially if you’ve included an abundance of throw pillows for accents, too. Place one across an ottoman in a contrasting color to add a pop of visual intrigue to the space. You don’t want to overwhelm the space with too many throw blankets, however; doing that could make the room appear a little cluttered.

Add Some Storage Baskets

Elevating your storage game is key when you want to make more sense of clutter in your home, but it’s also a nice way to add a fresh decorative element to your living room. While you may not have considered adding storage to this room in the past, introducing a beautiful seagrass storage basket or two could make all the difference, both visually and functionally.

Available in a variety of sizes, these baskets are perfect for transforming a room from restrained to relaxed. Place one by the side of the couch to hold little items that you don’t necessarily want to pile on the cocktail table or end tables, like magazines or, if you have an entertainment system in the room, remote controls. If you have kids, fill a small basket with toys and place it in the corner. It will add a certain warmth to the living room, and you can also remind your kids to toss their toys back inside at the end of the day to keep things neat!

Add Some Holiday Cheer

As the year comes to an end, you may want to give your home the holiday treatment and add some decorations and festive accents. This is such a great way to get into the spirit of the season, and no room of your home is off limits! In the living room, you can instantly boost the cozy factor by hanging up a few needlepoint stockings.

Not only do they evoke a sense of old-world charm and beauty, but they also bring the holiday spirit to a room that may not otherwise get much attention at that time of the year unless you’re entertaining guests. You might even consider putting your tree in the living room. Celebrating the holiday in this room could change the way that you view the space forever. By implementing little decorative accents year-round, you’ll quickly learn how much potential the living room has to be one of the coziest spaces in the home.

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