Cozy, Comfy, and Cool: Why we Love Cottagecore Vibes

Cozy, Comfy, and Cool: Why We Love Cottagecore Vibes

Cottagecore clothing and décor are cozy, comfy, and oh-so-cool. They’re also a great remedy for our sometimes too-hectic lifestyles. Let’s look at how to get those cottagecore vibes going in your home and life.

Nostalgia That Nurtures

Part of the secret to cottagecore is that it is familiar, even if it is new to us. There is something that is instantly visually comforting about this. You can add a cottagecore vibe to your home by putting family heirlooms such as photos or vintage needlework in places of honor or displaying classic patterns like stripes and florals. The rural heritage of cottagecore is something we have seen before, whether it was in our grandparents’ homes, classic artwork, or simply everyday items before manmade materials such as plastics in Day-Glo colors entered our décor.

Cottagecore clothing is one of the comfiest choices you can make. From big, chunky women’s sweaters to long, cozy skirts, the natural fabrics, relaxed silhouettes, and soothing colors of cottagecore will give you a much-needed dose of serenity. Cottagecore footwear is typically leather shoes or boots in classic styles and colors—the more broken, the better. Cottagecore isn’t about looking brand new. It’s about choosing quality pieces from the past for everyday ease.

Homegrown, Home-Baked, and Homemade

Whether you are exploring how to bake your bread, cultivating an herb garden, or enjoying a “new” hobby such as quilting or knitting, there is something to explore in cottagecore that will help you unplug and enjoy creating something with your hands. Whether you work at an office, do hybrid work, or work 100% from home, cottagecore activities have a delightful, relaxing, and grounding effect, especially at the end of the day.

Are you a bit more adventurous? Activities such as woodworking, quilting, and sewing clothing and home décor items are also cottagecore. Why not try making your floral throw pillows or a cozy women’s dress in a classic style? Even if you just dip your toe in the water, trying some of these classics can be fun.

Simple and Sustainable

At its core, cottagecore is eco-friendly. Whether you are finding cool, old-fashioned furniture at a vintage store instead of buying something mass-produced or enjoying natural fabrics that can be used for years and then returned to the Earth, the simplicity of cottagecore makes it a green choice in today’s world. Cottagecore is the opposite of fast fashion. It embraces the cool looks and comfy feel of slow and easy fashion and décor, whether that is a flannel shirt paired with easy jeans and last year’s boots in a classic look or a crocheted afghan to curl up with in front of the fire.

Cotton is a favorite cottagecore fabric, as it has roots that include vintage rural uses. As a natural fabric that is soft, breathes, and comes in gorgeous neutrals as well as a rainbow of colors and designs, it checks every box on the cottagecore list of requirements. Cottagecore is also economical! It partially arose from millennials and Gen Zers looking for easy everyday items that wouldn’t break the bank. Now every generation can enjoy their “discoveries.”

Very Vintage

One of the fun parts about cottagecore is that you can find, make, or buy it. If you love “the hunt” of shopping, check out some vintage shops near you for wooden furniture (the more handmade looking, the better). Offering to clean out your parents’ basement or attic is likely to yield great cottagecore finds if this is available to you. Chances are they will be willing to part with a few things (and share some great stories with you, too!). With the rise of minimalism, there is also plenty of manufactured furniture that can work for a cottagecore vibe. Just avoid materials like glass or lacquered surfaces. The closer to the natural-looking material, the better.

For clothing, you can set some parameters, such as only buying clothing made from natural fibers or concentrating on relaxed-fit clothing. This will yield items like great cottagecore cardigan sweaters and add to the comfy favorites in your wardrobe. Other great cottagecore choices include blouses with a slightly loose silhouette, midi skirts paired with oversized sweaters, and delightful patterns such as florals, cherries, or even calico.

Classic Quality

Part of cottagecore's appeal is that it lasts. When decorating your home or planning wardrobe staples like your favorite classic jeans, it’s always wise to buy high-quality items. In the long run, you will not only be happier with how these items perform (and how cool they look), but they will also save you money because they won’t wear out after one season like their fast-fashion cousins.

Have fun exploring cottagecore! With a few found items, a few homemade items, and a few new items, you will have a beautiful cottagecore vibe in your home and your life.


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