5 Trendy Cottagecore Outfits for Men in 2023

5 Trendy Cottagecore Outfits for Men in 2023

Cottagecore outfits are all the rage this season. With their natural, laid-back look, you’ll embody the spirit of simple living. The heart of the movement focuses on simplicity and bringing nature into the home. Think lush English gardens, a barn for woodworking, and a sports-like croquette. The essence of cottagecore is to make a quiet, DIY life at home, surrounded by local beauty. From your favorite pair of men’s jeans to cozy button-ups you’ll love, there’s plenty to get excited about with the cottagecore look. You’ll be ready for a day in the garden and even an afternoon on a patio. Here’s an inside look at our favorite cottagecore looks of the year.

Cozy, Comfortable, and Natural

The point of cottagecore is to feel at ease outside. Opt for a breezy look with men’s chinos and a lightweight button-up shirt. Let the breeze in and keep the sun at bay with breathable yet fashion-forward outfits that embody simple country life. Choose natural colors such as grays, tans, browns, whites, greens, and blues. Mix and match various color patterns so you can create endless options for your cottage style. Keep footwear cozy and basic — think well-worn loafers or soft leather sandals. Accessorize your look with suspenders, hats, and other accessories to complete the farm-friendly outfit.

Relaxed and Ready for the Garden

Practicality is important to the cottagecore lifestyle. You want to be able to move and have durable clothing to hold up to the day’s tasks. For those simple, homemade activities such as woodworking, you’ll want men’s flannel shirts that protect your skin and look like the cottagecore part. Consider getting leather working gloves, sturdy boots, and jeans that are up for the day’s tasks. For metalworking, gardening, and other crafts, don’t forget a men’s apron that can carry your tools and keep you safe as you work. The result is a look that’s relaxed but ready to create those handmade furniture pieces you’ve always dreamed of. Think craftsman with a touch of old-English cottage charm. You can work hard and not have to fuss over your outfit while using your hands to make a masterpiece.

Warm-Weather Favorites

Hot weather demands cool clothing. Choose outfits made of natural materials such as lightweight cotton and breathable linen. Choose long sleeves that roll up easily or a short-sleeved button-up shirt with color and a simple natural design. Subtle stripes, tiny flowers, and other summer-y themes feel light and breezy. Mix and match with shorts and a men’s belt for the ultimate cottage lifestyle look. Stay cool with wide-brimmed hats designed to keep the sun off your face. As a result, you’ll have an effortless look that’s ready for the day ahead.

Keep the Cold at Bay

In the cooler months, bundle up with warm, wooly men’s coats. Choose a classic style, such as a peacoat, to match the cottage vibes. Again, go for a simple pattern or solid color in a natural palette such as gray, blue, tan, brown, or even black. Warm sweater vests and cardigans are other handy layers that help keep you snuggly in the colder weather. Mix and match sweaters and shirts to create a relaxed look that’s ready for some fireside reading or a day in the snow with your family. Choose accessories to keep you toasty, like plaid scarves, woolen mittens, and even fleecy caps to protect you from the elements. Consider choosing a color that goes with the other elements of your wardrobe. When in doubt, stick to an easy color such as brown or black since it jives with virtually any cottagecore look.

Accessories That Make the Look

Really cap off your outfit with accessories to match those homey vibes. Think classical elements like vests, argyle socks, and leather footwear. Suspenders are an absolute must to fit the cottagecore aesthetic. Opt for classic cuts like simple loafers, wingtips, or even fitted vests. Glasses and eyewear can even capture the older aesthetic with rounded shapes in black and tortoiseshell. As a result, you’ll have a completely sophisticated element to your handmade style. Don’t be shy about having a statement piece, such as a twill hat, chunky sweater, or even socks that add a pop of pizzaz to your overall attire. Accessories let you add a personal touch and really put the finish on any must-have cottagecore look this season.

When it comes to the best cottagecore outfits for men, think simple, natural, yet functional. You want an effortless look that is just as cozy as your DIY home and functions to give you the true spirit of cottage life. A natural color palette lets you effortlessly create various looks that fit right into the English countryside. With these must-have cottagecore looks for men, you’ll be ready to spend the day working on that nice oak furniture or relaxing with a homemade meal at the end of a long day.


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