Cottagecore Outfits for Couples

Cottagecore Outfits for Couples

Bringing it back to nature, cottagecore embraces a simple existence. From your favorite sourdough starter to beautiful flower arrangements from your English garden, cottagecore is a lifestyle that’s here to stay. Dress the part with these fantastic cottagecore outfit ideas for you and your partner.

Flowy Florals

Big, bold floral prints that have you thinking Victorian thoughts are at the heart of the cottagecore movement. From free-flowing maxi dresses for women to the printed men’s cardigan sweater, any cottagecore outfit needs to embrace the flowers found in your garden. Look for semi-muted colors, bold embroidered prints, or big, chunky designs for your cottagecore wardrobe. For men, you can round out the look with men’s chinos in neutral brown and soft leather loafers or boots.

Stay in the Shade

Make a statement this summer with a sun hat that keeps you protected while you work your vegetable patch. Straw, canvas, and other natural fibers are perfect for the cottagecore look. Women can even embellish their hats with flowy bows. Choose a hat that keeps the sun at bay but matches as many outfits as possible. For the summer months, look for a breathable material such as natural fibers or hemp. Choose a color that goes with virtually any outfit, such as brown, tan, or white.

Men have many options for hats, from the bowler hat to more of a tweed Jackson hat. Choose something natural, vintage, and versatile. Grays, tans, and browns fit the natural aesthetic of the cottagecore lifestyle. Find a hat that not only fits your overall style but something that functions too. You’ll be outdoors a lot, soaking up the scent of flowers and working with your hands, so you want something that protects your face from the sun’s harmful rays and is also easy on the eyes.

Vintage Vibin’

Vintage clothing best suits the cottagecore vibe. Go for classic looks made of muted, natural colors. Wooly clothes and loose linens are natural fabrics that keep you cool or warm without any synthetic material. Choose silhouettes that are flowy and loose. Think dressed up, yet functional. Women don’t need to be confined by dresses; they can choose loose trousers with a tucked-in women’s white blouse.

Men can go for suspenders with a collared shirt and nice chinos with a leather men’s belt and a barn coat on top. Think relaxed yet sophisticated. The more natural the colors, the more cottage-like and homespun your look is. Of course, you can use different prints. Southwest-inspired designs are trendy in the men’s category of clothing. As are tiny florals that add a touch of depth to any outfit.

Aprons for Your Hobbies

If you’re embracing a cottagecore lifestyle, chances are you’ll spend ample time in the kitchen creating your own concoctions. From home-pressed preserves to canning your pickles, you’ll want to stay protected with an apron. No cottagecore look is complete without something to protect you while you work. Opt for a thicker canvas material with waterproofing to stay dry and quickly wipe stains away. You’ll want a long apron with pockets so you can have a functional piece of fashion that helps you work.

For outdoor work, consider a half apron. That way, you can carry your gardening tools with you while you work on curating the perfect floral arrangement. If you’re into metal, leatherworking, or creating things for the home, a leather apron is an excellent choice. Whatever you choose, keep your hobby in mind and roll up those sleeves for a fun-filled day creating things for your cottage lifestyle.

Pretty in Plaid

Plaid is a classic rural pattern that evokes a sense of quaint, quiet cottage life. Any kind of plaid design will do. For summer, typically, lightweight fabrics and lighter color palettes work best. In the cooler months, a thicker plaid with darker undertones suits the season. Choose from a variety of looks. Dresses, relaxed-fit button-ups, and even plaid tanks work well with cottagecore.

Men can follow the same styles as women, which is what makes plaid so loveable. Every couple should have at least several men’s plaid shirts. You can even choose the same plaid pattern to have the whole family match—perfect for the cottagecore kiddos.

Natural Dyes and Patterns

The essence of cottagecore refers to a more natural existence. Your clothing should go beyond just looks and take into account sustainability too. Try to find clothing that is dyed using minimal amounts of water and natural dyes. Materials should be cotton, linen, and wool instead of synthetics. Patterns found in nature or giving the nod to older cultures work well for the overall vibe. The point is to have a look that’s both carefree and from the earth.

Cottagecore is a trend that’s here to stay. Focusing on creating a more sustainable, homemade life away from the temptations of technology, you’ll always have something to wear. Couples can mix and match looks to create a fun and functional overall wardrobe.


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