Tips on Turning Your Home into a Cozy Cottage Chic Dream

Tips on Turning Your Home into a Cozy Cottage Chic Dream

Remember when the term “hygge” was all the rage? It’s basically a Scandinavian lifestyle that focuses on the simpler, cozier things in life, and it’s often associated with wintertime — cozying up next to the fire with a good friend, a good book, or a good cup of coffee. The hygge way of life isn’t going anywhere, but there’s a new term to get to know: cottagecore. Basically, it’s a laid-back way of life that draws inspiration from the English countryside, taking us to a technology-free place where nature is king and stress is nonexistent. It’s only natural to want your home to represent everything about this trend, so here are our tips on turning your home into a cozy cottage dream.

Decorate with Baskets

Seagrass baskets are a big part of cottage decor. Foraging and collecting goodies from nature requires the use of a sturdy basket, after all. A good-looking basket is perfect for storing items that you want to have handy but out of sight, such as extra blankets, books, and dog toys. And it adds a sense of commonality when you have baskets all around the house, as it unites each room, even if each basket is slightly different. Small baskets are also great for bathrooms, as they can be used to store toilet paper, extra hand towels, and toiletries for guests.

Flowers, Flowers, and More Flowers

Cottagecore, also called cottage chic, is all about bringing nature indoors. That’s why you’ll see lots of flowers in the coziest of cottages, whether they’re dried or fresh. You don’t have to go overboard, though. Treating your dining room or main table to a bouquet of fresh flowers can make a big impact, especially keeping in mind that simplicity is key. Sometimes having one really good thing is better than having a bunch of OK things. So a fresh bouquet of your favorite flowers can really make an impact. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. Look for wildflowers outside and pick your favorites. Or stop by a local farmers’ market where you can get a great bouquet at a great discount. All you need next is a simple vase to put them in. Consider hiding the vase in a narrow basket for an added touch.

Use Your China

What’s the point of letting the china you received from your grandmother collect dust in your china cabinet? Sure, it looks pretty, but to really appreciate it, you have to use it. Although you won’t want to make this a regular practice if you have small kids at home, it is nice to do now and then. Plus, it makes for an adorable table setting when arranged around your new bouquet of flowers. No hand-me-downs? No worries. You can make use of someone else’s china by finding it in thrift stores. The great thing is that it doesn’t even have to match. Mismatched china makes for a great cottagecore look, as long as the colors aren’t too different.

Use Printed Curtains and Bedding

Cottagecore is quite delicate, with all the focus on flowers, lace, and prints. With a white comforter or duvet cover, a set of curtains with delicate little flowers printed on them can be stunning, yet in a soft way. Likewise, bedding with floral or nature-inspired prints also looks great with solid, light-colored curtains. There aren’t any specific rules, though, so if you want both printed curtains and bedding, go for it! If the room is big enough, it could look stunning and cozy at the same time.

Take It Outdoors

The cottage aesthetic is all about nature, so why not make use of your outdoor spaces more often? Imagine a quaint little space with rose bushes, wildflowers, hanging vines, and a cozy place to sit, whether it’s a family-sized table or a small decorative nook for one. Add a floral throw pillow to the sitting area to make it look extra cozy and welcoming. Some hanging lights or lanterns can make it look stunning for nighttime as they light up the sleepy flowers and cast shadows around the yard. In the morning, your special area will be waiting for you and your cup of coffee or tea as you begin your day in tranquility.

Take Up Knitting

Okay, you don’t necessarily have to learn how to knit to embrace the cottage chic theme, but wouldn’t it be a great way to free yourself from technology and get lost in the repetitive motions of a knitting project? Whether you knit it or not, a throw blanket laid upon the couch is inviting and practical. There are so many types of knits to choose from as well, whether in the type of yarn used, color, or size. Chunky knit throw blankets look great, as do knits with intricate patterns. But the great thing about knit blankets is the imperfections that make them unique. Whether it’s something, you made yourself or something you bought from someone else, feel free to rely on knits throughout your home to embrace the cottagecore style.

As you can see, it’s the little things that make a home cozy. Keeping these tips in mind will help you enjoy the cottagecore way of life and make your home Instagram-worthy.


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