Coolest Petite Swimwear for Teens in 2023

Coolest Petite Swimwear for Teens in 2023

As teenagers grow up, they want to explore the world. They are figuring out who they are and who they will become; they continue to do the activities they enjoy and discover more things that they like on the way. Some of the best memories are made by the pool and beach, so why not give your teen the best petite swimsuits to keep them active and stylish.

If your teen is under 5’4”, it can be hard to find a well-fitting swimsuit in standard sizes. As they continue to grow, it’s important to find something that fits them properly for their confidence. Petite sizes help teens achieve the perfect fit to feel good about themselves and how they look in their swimsuits. Check out the coolest petite swimwear for teens in 2023.

Petite Swimwear: Who Is It for?

Petite swimwear is ideal for many teens because they are specially made for individuals who are 5’4” and under. The sizing of a petite swimsuit has everything to do with height. The unique shape of petite swimwear accommodates shorter torsos and shorter bodies. They may also be kept for years if your teen reaches their full height around the petite benchmark. Overall, petite swimwear is excellent for older tweens and younger teenagers who are still growing.

One-Piece Swimsuits

One-piece swimsuits are back, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Though this style was once thought to be a retro fad, one-piece swimsuits are proving themselves to be a fashion staple and everybody’s closet. They are instantly sophisticated and easy to wear, making them hard to give up after reappearing in the modern swimsuit canon.

While your teen may want to switch things up with a two-piece swimsuit every so often, one-piece swimsuits provide that fuss-free instant outfit that is ready for the water. Teens like to have comfortable options that look stylish, so be sure to pick their favorite colors and patterns, such as floral prints, stripes, or solid prints. The more you allow them to express their personalities, the happier they will be with their swimsuits!

Versatile Tankinis

If your teen has a long torso or prefers to mix-and-match bottoms, then a tankini can be a better option to achieve a perfect fit. Tankinis include a camisole-like top of various lengths and a separate bottom like a bikini bottom or swim shorts. This allows your teen to choose swim separates from their former collections or find something new to embrace.

This age group is all about finding out what works for them and who they are, allowing your teen to experiment with new styles like swim shorts, swim skirts, swim capris, and other separates that they would feel confident in. Tankinis can also offer modest coverage to keep your teen active. If your teen loves to play sports like volleyball and frisbee at the beach, then a high-neck tankini top can be an excellent top that can work like activewear.

Rash Guards

If your teen loves to spend a lot of hours outside by the pool or at the beach, then they may need a rash guard to provide maximum sun protection—even if they forget their sunblock. When the game is on, and it’s hard to take a break, you can have peace of mind as a parent knowing that their shoulders, back, and chest are protected by UPF 50 fabric. This means that it blocks 98% of the sun’s rays, including UVA and UVB rays. Meanwhile, standard sunblock only accounts for UVB rays. For even more protection, give your teen some swim shoes so that they don’t hurt their feet on hot sand or rocks.


Teenagers love to experiment with fashion, and what better way to figure out what they like than to allow them to pick some two-piece selections? Swim separates are also easy to integrate into other outfits, such as wearing them with a swimsuit cover-up to go eat lunch or wearing them under regular clothing like T-shirts and jean shorts. They also pack comfortably in suitcases and don’t take up a lot of space, making them easy picks for the teen who likes to travel light. Petite sizes will be especially attuned to your child’s growth and make the perfect fit as they reach their full height.

For maximum confidence and mobility, check out some of the best 2023 swimwear trends for your petite teen!


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