Confirmed Chinos Guy? Find out why men's jeans aren't as bad as you think

Confirmed Chinos guy? Find out why men's jeans aren't as bad as you think

You know who you are: you have all the men's chino pants, all different shades, you've even got the wacky colors when you're in that kind of mood. Plain front chinos here, no iron chinos there, everywhere you have chinos. You are the chinos king and you wouldn't have it any other way.

... and then there's that folded up blue jean relic lying at the bottom of your dresser like it doesn't deserve to see the sun. Remember those jeans? They went with you everywhere. And maybe they miss you. Well, no they're just jeans, but come on. You and those blue jeans for men used to run the place. Dishing up the goods at the barbeque, rolled up romantic walks through the shores at the beach – they were great for those early days when you were just getting started. You were the jean guy! Something got lost in the noise, or you never bought a new pair, and you stowed these ones away. Then you became the chino guy. We're going to tell you now: you can be both.

We understand why you left. It used to be that you really only needed two pairs of jeans. Wear one till they needed a good wash, then wear the other to keep the cycle going and in between switch it up with a variety of dressier pants. That cycle saw some wear and tear and when those jeans needed replacing, you found that all your options at the mall were either made cheaply or they were just too expensive. Frankly, not worth it. Chinos bridged that gap and you liked that you never had to break out an iron on your Lands' End chinos. Plus, they were a quick and easy choice in the morning for work.

Jeans are back, baby!

What if we told you that the heyday of jeans never really faded into the acid washed past and that Lands' End has revitalized the classic look of jeans without ripping money out of your pocket? Yep. A pair of straight leg jeans can make you feel like you're stepping into your comfort zone without financial fuss. Love the stretch that your chinos have? Well then, take a looksee over at our men's stretch jeans that keep you moving all day long. You're not about to join a yoga class where everybody is wearing jeans, but you'll notice the difference when you're fixing up odds and ends around the house. This is the year of jeans, 2.0.

Date night.

Denim is a sharp look for that night out on the town. Throwing on a pair of slim fit jeans with a tucked in twill shirt and a blazer is a look you can and should get behind. It will highlight your confidence and your personality. You'll be the kind of guy who holds doors open and takes that chivalrous attitude beyond just leaving a good tip for a delicious meal. You're throwing a change up in jeans, not a fast ball: that's comfort and confidence.

Take that casual look a notch up.

From the go-to chinos point of view, you might find it tough to imagine Saturday and Sunday jean wearing without thinking of a pair of white sneakers green from all that lawn mowing, and all those weekends where your Dad was watching golf. Picnics and easy hikes with the family are ideal for those 100% cotton jeans. You can go to the movies in that same comfort and you'll look fresh. Give your khakis a few days off this summer and opt in for jeans that won't let you down.

Jeans are no longer the sweatpants of the office world.

You like those pleated chinos but over the years you've noticed that the old school dress codes aren't as detrimental as they once were. Pro tip: You can head to the office in jeans with a sweet pair of men's shoes. Grab those brown leather ankle high ones, cuff the jeans, and once you roll into the office you'll get more compliments than emails that day. People notice a successful shift in style. We believe in you.

The ultimate no iron pants.

Jeans are the least ironed pants in the world. Why? Because people who wear jeans don't need to iron their jeans. Simple as that. You can if you'd like and that's totally a choice, but if you don't want to get up in the morning 15 minutes early to get that perfect crease you are not going to be shunned for it. Trust us when we say denim looks better worn in because that's the look we're proud of when we wear jeans.

Give your look a change and see what you like. There's a jean-wearer in all of us.


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