The Complete Guide to Sweaters for Men

The Complete Guide to Sweaters for Men

With so many different styles, fits, fabrics, and textures, it can be difficult to navigate the world of sweaters for men. Sweaters are not just for winter, nor are they just for transitional seasons, either. There is a sweater for you for every season and for (nearly) every occasion. Whether you are heading to work, a date, a party, or just lounging around the house, we are sure there’s a perfect men’s sweater in here for you. We’re here to help you find it.


A men’s cardigan sweater is a fantastic year-round go-to sweater option. These dapper sweaters are versatile and can easily be dressed up or down for various occasions. These sweaters are truly wardrobe staples.

For a smart business or business-casual look, you can layer a cardigan over a collared Oxford shirt and under your suit jacket, blazer, or sports jacket. For a casual weekend look, a cardigan sweater also works well with a t-shirt and jeans. Heading out for a long, romantic walk on the beach on a midsummer’s breezy night? Grab your cardigan. Every man should own at least one cardigan sweater.


Turtleneck sweaters are great for colder weather. This classic pullover sweater is as practical as it is modish. These sweaters will help keep you warm while also making a fashionable statement.

Pair your turtleneck sweater with dark jeans and some Chelsea boots for a casual but dashing date night look. A men’s turtleneck sweater is also a great option for a business-casual outfit and can just as easily be worn to the office under your blazer.


A cable-knit sweater is another fantastic, classic sweater style that every guy needs at least one of. The cable-knit style is the ultimate marriage between cozy and classy. These complex knit patterns inspire images of quaint Irish fishing villages and having pints at a seaside English pub.

While the cable-knit style is typically considered a solidly casual sweater, it can also be dressed up for the right occasion with the right tailored dress pants and a pair of Oxford loafers.

Sweater Vests

A sweater vest is a great sweater accessory that we also think everyone should incorporate into their wardrobe. A good sweater vest should be fitted but not tight. A thicker sweater vest, especially one made of a warmer fabric such as wool, can be worn as an extra layer for warmth in the winter, while a thinner, lighter sweater vest can be worn as a stylish addition almost any time of the year.

You’ll want to wear the sweater vest over another shirt, such as a collared button-down. Wear our sweater vest with the shirt underneath tucked in, but keep the sweater vest itself untucked. These can also be worn with a men’s blazer for a sharp business casual look.


We love wool sweaters for their classic rugged stylish appearance as well as their unparalleled warmth and insulating abilities. Going back to our cable-knit style, a wool cable-knit Aran style sweater is a fantastic cold-weather option that is as stylish as it is cozy and warm.


Cotton is also a great classic sweater fabric choice. Cotton is soft, breathable, and highly versatile and can offer a wide variety of sweater choices year-round. For example, a lightweight cotton cardigan can be worn on an early summer date night, while a thicker, cable-knit cotton sweater can be worn under a jacket in the winter as an extra layer of warmth, texture, and style.

Because of its lightweight breathability, a cotton sweater is a great option for layering in the cooler months and is a go-to fabric for warmer months. A casual cotton v-neck sweater is a great option for layering in both cooler and warmer months.


Cashmere truly exemplifies everything we love about sweaters. This fabric is both practical and luxurious. Cashmere is loved for its incredibly soft, buttery smooth texture and its ability to keep you perfectly warm on even the coldest winter day.

Cashmere sweaters are great for layering, but this luxe material is so soft, you’ll want to wear it directly against your skin. Cashmere does tend to insulate, so these sweaters are best for fall and winter, but it is also moisture-wicking, so you can stay comfortable even if you work up a sweat.

Sweaters of all kinds are a must-have men’s wardrobe staple. These pieces make for ideal, debonair layering in colder months and in-between seasons.


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