The Complete Guide to Sweater Shopping for Families

The Complete Guide to Sweater Shopping for Families

It’s sweater season! If you are a bit daunted by shopping for sweaters for your family, no worries! Lands’ End has your back. Let’s look at the complete guide to sweater shopping for families.

Start With Sizes

When shopping for sweaters for your family, make sure to start with everyone’s current size. Don’t just guess—get out the measuring tape for accuracy. Kids grow faster than we think, and closets have been known to shrink clothing! For the gals, this measurement means bust and arm length. For the guys, it means neck, chest, and arm length, like sizes for men’s button-down shirts. Jot down all this information and keep it on your smartphone for handy reference. If someone is between two sizes on a size chart, err on getting them a sweater that's too large instead of one that's too small. It’s also smart to choose a retailer with a great return policy in case something needs to be exchanged.

Fabulous Fibers

When finding the right fibers for sweaters for your family, go for the softest and coziest fibers for all of them—women’s, kids’, and men’s sweaters. Natural fibers like cotton and wool are great, but so are soft synthetics like fleece. Unlike other synthetic fibers, fleece actually breathes! With a bit of forethought, you can find the right fiber choice for your entire family.

When in doubt, choose fleece. Everyone will appreciate the oh-so-soft feel, plus it’s durable, comes in a rainbow of colors, and is easy to launder (just wash with other fleece and avoid high heat). Fleece jackets are also great go-to garments. They can be worn by themselves or layered under a winter coat for the ultimate winter warmth. Cotton is a nice choice for sweaters in warmer climates. Wool is great for cold climates. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions for care regardless of the fiber you choose.

Coordinate the Colors

When buying sweaters for your family, you don’t have to buy everyone the same thing (unless you like that idea!), but having colors that coordinate with each other will look great in any photos you decide to take. Red is a holiday favorite, but don’t forget how pretty green and winter white can look with decorations such as Christmas trees and greenery. Maybe the adults could all wear one color and the kids another, or the guys could don one hue and the gals another. Coordinate colors to make everyone in your family look and feel great.

If you go for different colors, keep the styles the same to keep the look coordinated. Perhaps all of the women will wear the same tunic sweater but in different colors. Having couples wear matching sweaters is another fun way to go. Perhaps one couple in red crew necks, another in green, etc.

Upgrade to Outfits

While you are buying sweaters for everyone in your family, why not think about what else they will need to create a cute ensemble? Maybe dark wash classic jeans and a white turtleneck sweater would perfectly complement a bright crew neck Christmas sweater. Perhaps dress pants, skirts, and dress shoes are more appropriate for the events your family will enjoy together over the holidays. Keep these in the back of your mind while you are perusing sweaters. Dark pants and shoes always look good with a pop color like bright red or green.

If you plan to go to any special events or have photos taken in your outfits, double-check everyone’s closet before you start sweater shopping. Maybe half the group has great-looking jeans, but the other half will need a new pair. Also, have everyone check their shoes to see if you need to add shoe shopping to your list for anyone. Make sure to clean and polish shoes if needed so they will be ready to go.

Picture Perfect

Solid-colored sweaters are the easiest for photos because light falls nicely on them. Sweaters detailed with a variety of textures or decorations, such as sequins or metal detailing, sometimes reflect unevenly in photos. Once everyone has their great-looking Christmas sweaters, you’ll want to get some pictures of your crew.

Whether you go DIY or hire a professional, make sure that there is enough light in the room to show everyone’s face well. If you have a big family, asking some people to stand and others to sit can be a good way to go. Choose a focal point like your front porch or a Christmas tree and arrange everyone around it. You’ll want to take several shots to have some from which to choose. Make sure that little ones are fed before you put them into their outfits for the photo.

With a bit of organization, you can buy great sweaters that your entire family will love. Enjoy a wonderful holiday season together!


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