5 of the Comfiest Summer Clothes for Men

5 of the Comfiest Summer Clothes for Men

Here’s to summer, beach outings, relaxing vacations, and family reunions. Summertime provides a great time to get more sunlight. But for ultimate comfort, it’s good to know the best apparel to wear once the weather heats up. Read our tips below to determine the comfiest summer clothes for men.

Classic White T-shirt

A white T-shirt can do it all. You can dress it up or down. You can wear it with joggers or shorts—and even slacks. You have plenty of options, too, such as crew-neck tees and V-neck tees. The thing about white men’s T-shirts is that they keep you cool. Look for white cotton T-shirts since this material is known for feeling great in warm weather. However, if you’re not into white, other neutral tones, like tan and khaki, work well in the summer. It’s up to you which tees you wear—go bold and rock a graphic T-shirt if you want! Make sure you look for certain features to keep you cool, such as moisture-wicking fabric or mesh panels, which are both common on activewear tees.

Tees work in plenty of settings, but they work best in more casual settings like the boardwalk, a game, or at home while kicking back. If you want to dress a tee up a bit for work, style it underneath a button-down shirt.

Polo Shirt

Though you can dress tees up, a polo shirt is a step above a casual T-shirt. Men’s polo shirts look preppy, especially when styled with khaki pants or slacks. Plus, short-sleeved polos can keep you cool when they have certain features. Look for polos with moisture-wicking or quick-drying fabric, mesh, and a vented hem. Certain patterns and prints can bring these apparel pieces to life, such as stripes, colorblocking, and florals. Polos obviously work well in plenty of office settings, from casual to business casual. Active polos also look good on the golf course while keeping you cool. Consider investing in multiple polo styles for various options for all your summertime activities.

Linen Shirt

For an even dressier option for summer, wear a linen shirt. Linen shirts are common during warmer seasons because they pair well with plenty of bottoms while keeping you cool. You can wear these tops from the office to happy hour while still feeling fresh and looking stylish. Plus, they come in various designs, such as men’s plaid shirts or stripe tops. Alternatively, if linen shirts aren’t up to your speed, try a chambray or denim shirt. These shirts are like linen shirts in that you could wear them in more formal settings but also casual settings. If you plan to kick back at your favorite resort with a drink in hand, a linen shirt will work just fine.

Khaki Pants

Men’s khaki pants provide a great alternative to other “dressier” pants during the summertime because of their lightweight material. Like other apparel pieces mentioned, if you find khaki pants with moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabric, that’s a bonus. Pair your khakis with a T-shirt, polo, or linen shirt. Any of these tops can style perfectly with khaki pants.

Chino Shorts

Chino shorts offer a cooler option than khaki pants. Plus, they provide that same polished finish as khaki pants. You can easily pair these shorts with button-down shirts and more casual options, such as T-shirts. If your workplace has casual Fridays during the summertime, chino shorts can keep you looking ready for work plus after-work shenanigans.

Match with Summer-Ready Shoes

Outside of boots, many men’s shoes work well in the summertime. However, certain footwear is optimal for warmer weather. Quality sandals can keep you comfortable at the beach, family barbecue, or as you run your errands. White sneakers are a summertime must-have for men. They lend a pop of style to any outfit. The right sneakers will keep your soles comfortable all day long, even if you’re on vacation and have plenty of sightseeing to do. Finally, boat shoes are another great option for summer. Boat shoes are slip-on shoes that are usually made of canvas or leather. They work well in a business casual setting and while on vacation.

Finish with Accessories

Summertime comes with plenty of accessories to match your outfits. Designer sunglasses, for example, can add that extra oomph to your overall look. Most quality sunglasses feature a high level of protection against sun rays, making them perfect accessories for the beach. As for hats, you have plenty of choices, such as baseball caps, straw hats, fedoras, and bucket hats. If you’re feeling extra edgy, try rocking a visor with your stylish summer outfit. Finally, other accessories can lend a stylish touch to your outfits, such as a beaded bracelet, dog tags, or chain necklace.

Figure out your style and find fresh summer apparel to add some heat to your wardrobe. Whether you’re prepping for a vacation or need a refresh to your office apparel, the options we provide are the place to start.


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