Comfy Ways to Style the Whole Family

Comfy Ways to Style the Whole Family

As cooler weather approaches, it is finally time to pull out your family’s cute layers and find those favorite sweaters and fleece jackets. With more time indoors comes more time together as a family. Being comfortable usually takes priority in the cooler winter months, but that does not mean you have to throw away style as you stay on top of your family’s busy schedule.

Find the right option for everyone. The outfit your daughter may need for her soccer game requires different levels of comfort than you on the sidelines. A family hike calls for athletic comfort which entails adequate movement and moisture-wicking options.


For you and your daughter, your favorite pair of elastic waist leggings will probably be among the first of your fall clothes to come out of your closet. Flexible, comfy, and stylish leggings are a must-have staple for any comfy, cute outfit. The girl’s tough cotton ankle leggings are designed to withstand ripping as your daughter plays outside with you or her friends. If you’re running outside to play in the cool fall air with your daughter, make sure you also have on active leggings to keep up as you jump in the leaves. Having pockets in your leggings is also a must—you'll want to have your cell phone to capture every moment!


When thinking of going outside for a hike or a ball game, make sure every member of your family has the right gear to be comfortable throughout the day. Your son will likely love the athletic joggers with iron knees, allowing him the freedom to move without worrying about tearing his pants. These pants have more style than regular sweatpants so your son can wear them beyond a playdate outside. Your husband will likely love the performance of men’s chino pants that allow for style and comfort as he participates in the family fall weekend activities.

As for the females in your family, try the active five-pocket pants that let you leave your purse at home and carry everything you need for your family’s day out in your pockets. The girls’ active leggings let your daughter run without worry or for a non-legging option, the girl’s active jogger gives your daughter more freedom and warmth on cooler days.


Your daughter will love the long-sleeved essential T-shirt that comes in many colors to match any pair of leggings or joggers. For your husband, he may like an active T-shirt with a sweatshirt to pair over or tie around his waist if the weather gets warmer. As for your son, try an active T-shirt for boys. And for you, a perfect top for those five-pocket pants or leggings is a long-sleeved SPF sun tunic that will provide sun protection and length for added comfort in leggings.


As the weather gets cooler, having a comfortable fall jacket for every member of your family is important. Matching in the same style, such as a vest, with different styles, colors, and patterns can be a fun way to coordinate with your family. Boys' fleece vests are moveable and warm. Girls' vests are super soft, adding to the comfort level as it is literally named “softest fleece vest.” Men and women have a multitude of vest options. Fleece, puffer, down, and packable all become perfect options for a chilly fall day. Pair with a cute sweater or quarter-zip sweatshirt to add to the comfort.

If a vest isn’t the idea of comfy for you this fall, try a women’s fleece jacket that will keep you warm without restricting your movement. A full-zip printed fleece jacket provides comfort and coziness. A quarter-zip fleece jacket is a stylish way to be comfortable in a sweatshirt-like option with additional warmth.

Lazy Days on the Couch

Being active is sometimes not in the cards with unpredictable winter-like weather, but hanging out with the family does not always need a plan. Long days on the couch watching movies with your family can be some of the best fall days. Being comfortable on these days is just as important as comfort on your most active days. From pajamas to sweatpants, there are a plethora of options to be cozy under a blanket snuggled up with your loved ones.

Being comfortable is the key to any outfit when you are a busy family with jam-packed weekends or even for chill weekends at home. Choose from a variety of options for everyone in the family so you'll enjoy each other's company while staying warm and comfy all day long!

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