A Guide to Buying Comfy Clothes for Virtual Dates

A Guide to Buying Comfy Clothes for Virtual Dates

Going on a virtual date is a decidedly new experience for many. People in long-distance relationships may be accustomed to seeing their significant others on the screen more frequently, but for others, the digital dating universe is completely uncharted territory. If you’ve ramped up your online dating life in recent months, you might be concerned about all kinds of details — what your background looks like, the lighting on screen, what to talk about, and, naturally, what you’re wearing. A skirt? A knit dress? Pants and a blouse?

Of course, you will want to experiment with cool backdrops and figure out the lighting situation, right? Make sure you don’t skimp where your clothes are concerned, either! Setting a good impression online is just as important as doing so in person. Sure, you have more of a reason to “get ready” in the traditional sense when your date involves dinner and a movie, but there’s no reason you can’t elevate the style factor even if you aren’t stepping outside your front door. From dresses to tops to accessories, here are the pieces that you need to create the ultimate revolving wardrobe for your virtual dates.

Dress Up

If you’ve spent the majority of your recent weeks chilling in sweats and T-shirts, you’ll love the opportunity to break out of this super-comfy zone and venture into slightly dressier territories. Use this as an excuse to wear one of your favorite women’s dresses. Keep comfort at the top of your mind — there’s no need to go over the top with lacy accents, sequins, spangles, or other embellishments that might feel heavy or uncomfortable.

Instead, stick with soft fabrics that feel as good as your favorite bed sheets. Look for straightforward styles that you can wear over and over again, from the virtual date to the eventual in-person reunion. A vibrant color instantly conveys a message that you’re happy to be there, and they also happen to brighten up your complexion. That’s key if your room has slightly dim lighting or you’re using a laptop camera that provides mediocre image quality at best.

You might also want to opt for something that you can dress up slightly. A jersey dress, for example, serves as the ultimate starting piece for so many looks. You can add a patterned scarf to bring a little visual interest to the look, or wear a statement necklace to finish the outfit to perfection. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles — this is a fun opportunity to play with accessories. Considering your date is only going to see your upper half, it’s well worth making that extra effort.

Top Effect

In that same vein, you might want to focus strictly on your top if you don’t necessarily want to wear a dress. If that’s your style preference, you’ve got plenty of options. The selection of tees, tunics, and blouses is vast, and you can easily achieve the look that you want in just about every color of the rainbow.

Where to start? Think comfort, ease, and fashion all at once. Something that’s a little bit visually intriguing, like a women’s blouse with an unusual neckline, accents at the shoulders, or ties at the wrists, gives your look a dressy touch. Bonus: You can wear your softest joggers or yoga pants on the bottom. Your date will never know!

Or you might opt for a breezy tunic if you’re keeping things a little more casual but don’t necessarily want to wear a T-shirt. Tunics are available in dressy styles featuring details like vibrant colors or vivid embroidery. These set them apart from other understated tops that might seem a bit too informal, even for a video date. Pair it with leggings to keep things completely comfortable from top to bottom.

Comfort First

If you’ve ventured beyond “what to wear” territory and are fully ensconced in the world of comfy-cozy dates that find you both wearing whatever you want and doing everything from cooking to working out, then you probably have more than a few relaxed, seriously low-key dates on your agenda. If that’s the case, nothing fits the bill better than comfy clothes.

What exactly defines comfy? It’s all about keeping it real and wearing attire that helps you feel most relaxed. Soft tops, stretchy leggings, easy dresses, and joggers are just a few options that you might consider if your next virtual date involves sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and your latest mutual binge of choice.

That doesn’t mean you can’t dress things up just a little, though. A few small changes can give your go-to off-duty outfit a little style upgrade. For example, swap the sweatshirt for a light top and an open-front cardigan. Pull on a pair of your favorite leggings and finish with some cozy socks. You’ll feel pulled together and date-appropriate, yet still just as relaxed as you would if you were on your own.

Keep comfort at the top of your mind. There’s never any reason to settle for anything less than something that makes you feel great. Date night, even if it's virtual, should be a fun and easy experience. The right clothes will help you settle into the spirit of the occasion!

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