Best Comfy Clothes for Tidying the House

Best Comfy Clothes for Tidying the House

House cleaning isn’t necessarily your favorite chore, but you don’t have to be uncomfortable while you clean. If you throw on your favorite women’s loungewear, you may actually find you even like tidying up your house. Here’s a look at what to wear while you clean up your home.

Be Ready to Break a Sweat

You may be surprised to learn that house cleaning is physical work. In fact, it’s not uncommon to break a sweat. Do double duty by putting on some women’s yoga pants that keep your body moving. Look for moisture-wicking materials so you don’t get soaked in your clothes. Combine working out and cleaning for an added boost.

Cozy Clothes You Want to Move in

Stop your cleaning routine from feeling repetitive with a playlist that gets you moving and get into your house chores by dancing with your vacuum. Queue up a playlist of your favorite dance jams and wiggle your way to a cleaner home.

Keep it fun and comfortable with your coveted pair of women’s comfy capri pants and a tank top you just never want to take off. As a result, you’ll feel an endorphin boost and get that neat and tidy home you crave.

Choose Pockets

If you’re cleaning up a lot of clutter, toys, and other items from around the house, then pockets are a must-have item. Use pockets to quickly pick up several small items, or carry around an extra wad of paper towels. Cleaning with pockets lets you carry more while still having valuable free hands to work with. Look for pockets that are deep and don’t let items slip out when you bend or move. Wear a shirt that also has pockets for even more storage. It's best to look for clothing with functionality in mind, including pockets that offer a useful amount of storage space.

A Spin On Laundry Day

We know we are guilty of waiting a day or two more than we should to get our laundry going. Why not combine laundry day with house cleaning day? If that’s the case, wear whatever comfortable clothing you can find. Couple your comfy sweats with that silly T-shirt or clean your home in your bathing suit! Chores can sometimes take a while, so make the best of it with outfits that spark a sense of whimsy.

Wear Your Work-From-Home Clothes

Our favorite part about the best work from home outfits is that these articles of clothing can do double duty. If you’re used to being dressed up for the office, then finding what to wear while you work from home takes a little adjustment. Comfort is a priority when you’re working from home, and the same goes for tidying your house. Don’t be shy about being comfortable while you do your chores.

The point is to find some slivers of joy in the things that maybe you like to procrastinate (don’t worry, no judgment here)! So take a ten-minute break from that big report you're working on and swap the kids' sheets or spend a few moments of your lunch break cleaning the kitchen. Getting away from your desk and getting active can relieve pains associated with hunching over a computer all day. If you spread your house chores up in short bursts, you’ll find your mind resets and it will be easier to focus. Cleaning a little bit each day isn’t just good for your home, but it’s ideal for your mental and physical health too.

Dress to Impress Yourself

Another option for tidying your home is getting dressed up. Maybe you want to wear that little black dress that’s been gathering dust this year, or perhaps put on your favorite pair of earrings to dust the bookshelves. That’s perfectly okay. In fact, it takes an otherwise mundane task and makes it feel luxurious.

The great part about tidying your home is no one is judging how you do it, so if you want to get dressed up, go for it! The point is to feel your best, and the looks will follow. Be fabulously and authentically you.

It doesn’t matter if you like to turn your house cleaning chores into a full-body workout or if you prefer to have a fashion show while you clean, you’ll be able to put a little bit of joy into your chores. From the coziest lounge dresses to the hottest formal wear, you’ll enjoy letting your personality shine while you work.


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