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Comfy Clothes for the Cozy Dad

It’s no secret that being a dad is a hard job, but having the right men’s loungewear can make a difference. Whether you’re a stay-at-home dad looking for pieces that can keep up with your kids as well as you do, or great outfits to relax in with the kids after work and on the weekends, there are plenty of options.

Knit Tops and Tees to Wear Everywhere

When it comes to a gold standard for comfy tops for dads, knits might just come out on top. Well-known for their cozy, soft feel, knits won’t restrict you, whether you're taking a nap with the kiddos or playing a game of tag. They have just the right balance of style and comfort, too, so you can get up and go whenever you need to, and know you look great. Options include solid-color knit tees, tees with pockets to hold kids’ extra stuff, and henley tops that have a cool touch. V-neck tees offer a sleek, minimalist vibe that’s as comfortable as it is stylish. And long-sleeved tees and henleys are must-haves for those cooler evenings!

Sweatshirts and Hoodies Are Dad’s Everyday Essentials

No self-respecting dad should be without a great collection of crewneck men's sweatshirts, pullover hoodies, and zip-up sweatshirts. These pieces are made for layering, so they can help you adjust to any temperature and keep up with the kiddos indoors and out. They look great worn over a variety of tops and complement almost any type of bottom, from denim to khakis to joggers.

Keep an extra hoodie or sweatshirt in the car for when you need it, or toss one in your duffel bag to have on hand when you’re running the kids around to their activities. Choose a selection of classic and seasonal colors so you can stay in style all year round. Looking for an extra dash of style? Consider striped hoodies and sweatshirts in fabulous contrasting colors. Who says dads can’t be trendy and comfy?

Turtlenecks and Mocknecks to Keep You Ridiculously Cozy

What’s soft, cozy, and still looks great on any guy? A mockneck or a turtleneck. These essential pieces up the cozy factor with a higher neck type and look stylish with everything from denim and shorts. They are also versatile because they can be worn with hoodies, sweatshirts, men’s jackets, and more. Along with colors like black and white that are universal enough to go with everything, consider other colors that might complement your skin tone, like pastels or jewel tones.

Cozy Jackets Dads Can Fall in Love With

The right jackets make it easy to get snuggly with your little ones on chilly days. Consider full-zip fleece styles that are easy to throw on and off or quarter-zip looks that are always in style. Snap-neck styles look great as well and have that extra warmth factor. Another reason why fleece jackets are so popular is the wide range of style options. You can find fleeces in solid colors, fresh color-blocking looks, geometric prints, classic patterns, and more to personalize your dad-style to the hilt. If fleece isn’t what you’re looking for, lightweight track jackets are another popular choice that will give you a bit of added warmth without holding you back.

Comfortable Chinos Take the Cake

If you want to have your cake and eat it too when it comes to style and comfort, men’s comfort-fit chinos are a natural choice. These have the ultimate look—simple, versatile, stylish, and, most of all, comfortable! Look for details like built-in stretch, comfortable waistbands, and pre-washed fabric for that soft feel. Since chinos come in a range of fits from classic to slim, you can also look for options that suit every body.

Joggers That Go the Extra Mile

No matter where your day takes you, comfortable men’s sweatpants joggers are ideal pants for active dads. They are on-trend without looking like you’re trying too hard, but they offer maximum comfort and the opportunity to move easily. From outdoor hikes to watching Saturday morning cartoons, well-fitting joggers are a must-have. Look for ribbed waistbands that have adjustable drawcords and rib-knit cuffs for top comfort and style.

Track Pants and Cargos That Keep Up With You

Other excellent pants choices for the comfy dad include flexible track pants and versatile cargos. Cargo shorts are excellent for warmer weather, and men’s cargo pants do the job year-round. Keep up with the kids in track pants and matching jackets, or throw on cargo pants or shorts for hiking, treks around town, and more.

Comfy Clothes Active Dads Will Love

When it comes to being there for your kids, dads are willing to do whatever it takes. Reward yourself with the best-fitting, most comfortable clothes to keep up with your kids so you can keep them close to you as well as close to your heart.


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