Comfy Christmas Outfits for Kids

Comfy Christmas Outfits for Kids

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas at home or visiting relatives, kids enjoy having cute, comfortable outfits to wear for the holiday festivities. These ideas include a few casual outfits for kids to wear at Christmas and a few dressier options for visiting relatives. Plus, when you choose bright red or green Christmas pieces, the vibrant colors look great in holiday photos. You can choose separate pieces that let each child express individuality. Or, you can embrace a matching theme, like matching family pajamas, to capture some fun Christmas morning photos when everyone is unwrapping gifts.

Sweaters for Girls

Choosing from the selection of sweaters for girls keeps your child warm and comfortable. The sweater styles come in your choice of festive solid colors you can pair with jeans, skirts, or leggings. You get a lot of stylish options when choosing a girl’s sweater. You can match a solid color or patterned sweater to a white collared top, a patterned top that matches the sweater color or go for a monochromatic look by matching a top with the sweater you want your child to wear.

Sweaters for Boys

Help boys keep the chill away with pullover sweaters, sweater vests, or cardigans. These sweater styles pair nicely with jeans or comfortable dress pants. This keeps your little guy looking both handsome and Christmassy. A pullover sweater can be worn as a standalone top or layered over another shirt. Layering a sweater or vest over another lighter shirt is handy if your child tends to get hot during the day because the sweater or vest can be removed. Another idea is to pick a cardigan that zips or buttons to wear over a white t-shirt or solid-color collared shirt. This is a classic look that’s great in photos and comfortable for your boy to wear.

Kid’s Jeans

Kids typically like jeans because they’re comfortable, especially if you choose our stretch jeans. Parents typically like kid’s jeans because they’re versatile and durable. After all, jeans can be paired with different tops to create casual or dressy looks. For example, jeans look equally great with a Christmas sweater, dress shirt, or a colorful t-shirt. Additionally, kids can get down on the floor when wearing jeans to open presents or play with the other kids and Christmas gifts. Then, after the holiday, the jeans can be worn with just as much style and flair the rest of the year.

Girl’s Skirts

Trying to stretch your family’s clothing budget while also creating a great Christmas look for your kid? A neutral garment, like a skirt, is versatile and a great solution. Choose a classically styled skirt that coordinates with a holiday sweater for a look that’s both festive and elegant. If it’s a bit chilly, pair the skirt with warm tights. After the holiday, your child can wear the skirt to school, shopping, or spend a day enjoying almost any other type of family activities.

Kid’s Leggings

Looking for garments that add color, comfort and a touch of playfulness to your child’s holiday look? The selection of kid’s leggings offers a variety of vibrant colors and patterns as well as solid, darker colors. Match leggings to a holiday sweater, pajama tops, or a comfy t-shirt. Additionally, if you live in a snowy area and the kids want to go outside to build a Christmas snowman, leggings make a nice underlayer for extra warmth.

Girl’s Dresses

For a little girl who enjoys expressing her style by wearing a dress, a pretty frock paired with tights or leggings can be a cute and comfy Christmas outfit. For colder climates, try a fleece or flannel dress with long sleeves. Or, if you live somewhere warmer, check out the selection of short sleeve dresses made from lighter fabrics. Even with the lightweight dresses, you can choose festive Christmas colors and themes to celebrate the holiday.

Christmas Pajamas

If you’re looking to create a family tradition that’s fun and easy to repeat year after year, giving your kids Christmas pajamas is a fun idea. Consider matching pajamas for the whole family so everyone can join in on the fun. Holiday pajamas make a sweet Christmas Eve gift, because kids can then wear their new pajamas to sleep while dreaming about Santa, reindeer, and Christmas morning. Be sure to get plenty of photos of everyone unwrapping gifts around the tree in their festive new pajamas.

When you plan ahead and pick adorable Lands’ End Christmas outfits for your kids, it makes the day more relaxed and enjoyable. You don’t have to rush on Christmas morning to pick out outfits if you’re going to visit your in-laws or friends because the outfits are ready to go. Additionally, you know the photo ops are going to result in some great keepsake pictures because everyone is picture-perfect before you even start the day.

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