Comfortable Work Outfits for Hot Summer Days

Comfortable Work Outfits for Hot Summer Days

Dressing for the office during the dog days of summer is always a challenge. It can be difficult to find the perfect outfit that's both work-appropriate and also won’t have you suffering from heat exhaustion the moment you step outside. Not to mention the ever-present issue of working in an office that loves to blast the air conditioner in the summer, forcing you to go from a muggy 90 degree commute to a full-on tundra indoors. Luckily for you, we've compiled a list of cool and professional outfits that may be perfect solutions to this exact dilemma. From summer dresses to linen pant suits, we have a solution for you.

Puff Sleeves and Slacks

Puff sleeves are all the rage this year and they're a fantastic choice for summer office wear. Puff sleeves look chic and offer full coverage but are also super lightweight to allow for movement and plenty of air circulation. These tops look great paired with a pair of chinos or your favorite slacks. If full-length pants are sounding too hot and you don’t already have capri-length chinos, simply roll your slacks up for this cool and capable look. Finish this look off with some strappy heels and you're ready for whatever the summer day throws at you.

Maxi Dress and Blazer

Probably the most versatile of staple summer wardrobe pieces, the maxi dress can easily be dressed up to be work-appropriate with a tailored blazer. A maxi dress is what we all want to wear all summer long anyway, and what easier summer outfit is there than a cool and breezy dress? Just make sure to pair it with a sleek and well-fitting blazer for when you get to the office. This will instantly elevate your style to being office-ready and also help battle the inevitably arctic office AC.

A Linen Suit

Linen is the fabric of summer, isn’t it? Linen is cool and comfortable while simultaneously remaining timeless and chic. A linen pantsuit is a great investment for your summer work wardrobe. Pair with a simple blouse and your favorite ankle boots or heels.

A Breezy White Blouse and Sleek Pencil Skirt

Although it may seem counterintuitive, long sleeves can be a great idea in the summer, especially when going between the cool indoors and hot outdoors. A breezy and billowy long-sleeved women's white blouse is the perfect option for a summer office day. The white fabric will reflect the sun and the loose fit will allow for plenty of breezy movement. Plus the extra coverage will be perfect for once you get to your office and are sitting in the cool AC. Pair this beautiful blouse with a sleek, darker pencil skirt for a perfectly balanced and professional work outfit.

The Oversized ‘Fit

As mentioned, big and billowy is in right now and this is especially true (and convenient) for summer fashion. While taking care not to appear sloppy with this oversized trend, experiment with an oversized button-down shirt and pair it with some oversized, wide-legged pants. Keep a cool and breezy look polished by tucking the shirt in and pairing with your best professional heels.

Comfy Cotton Rompers

Rompers are the perfect one-and-done summer outfit. Choose a lightweight romper for a breathable and airy summer office option. To ensure your romper look has the appropriate office-ready feel to it, stick to neutral, solid colors and choose a full-length romper with a tapered leg. Rompers look great paired with classic stiletto pumps. If you're feeling underdressed, throw on your favorite work blazer to really elevate this look.

Shorts, But Make it Professional

Bare your legs while maintaining your accomplished and businesslike persona. Wearing shorts to the office can be controversial, but we think there are definitely ways to wear these pieces that are polished and professional. First, make sure you choose an appropriate length. High-waisted shorts that fall just a few inches above the knee are generally a safe choice. Wear your shorts belted and with your shirt tucked in. Pair with a blazer or tailored suit jacket, loafers or heels, and you have the ultimate summer office look.

Sweet and Simple: Button-down and Midi-skirt

You don’t have to overthink your summer office outfit. A crisp, light-colored sleeveless button down paired with a sweet, floral midi-skirt is a classic and wonderful summer office outfit. Finish this look off with a pair of penny loafers.

Dressing for summer at the office is all about finding balance. These outfits are perfectly nestled in the space where polished and professional overlaps with cool and breezy summer fun. Don’t forget to keep your women's cardigan at your desk just in case!


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