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Comfortable Jeans to Wear at Your Business Casual Office

More and more businesses are adopting casual dress because of the many benefits it provides. Having casual dress codes creates less stress and helps employees feel more comfortable. While it’s great to have the option for more relaxed choices at the office, you still want to look great for work. Follow this quick guide on finding the best comfy jeans for the office.

Choosing Your Work-Ready Denim Jeans

Though the official definition of business casual doesn’t allow for jeans, many people use this term very loosely. What your company allows and expects should be clearly stated in the employee guidelines. If jeans are allowed in your casual work environment, you have plenty of choices. There are many denim options that look great for work, but there are a few designs and features to avoid, too. Good styles to consider include:

The length of the denim can range from ankle-length to hanging slightly over a short-heeled shoe or boot. Avoid styles that are too long or too short — the right length will keep your look polished. Many brands have size options ranging from petite to tall, making it easier to get denim that has that custom-looking fit.

Jeans to avoid for work include:

Get the Right Color Jeans

Today, denim jeans come in a rainbow of colors, from vintage light washes to navy, women's black jeans, and bright colors. You can choose from most colors to wear to work in a casual work environment. Black or white denim is classic and works well with many different tops. If you prefer a blue wash, choose mid-level to dark washes. Lighter washes look more weekend-casual than business casual. Some colored denim pants are good for casual workplaces, such as neutral tans or grays, as well as muted colors like mustard yellows and olive greens. Save the bright or neon shades for after-work wear.

Look for Comfort Features That Flatter

Many denim styles today are made with some spandex or other material that has a bit of stretch or give. This does double duty to provide a great, comfortable style and a flattering, polished look. Styles without any stretch can also work well, like straight leg or ankle looks. Choose quality denim fabrics like stretchy cotton blends or denim twills that will be comfortable when worn and be durable enough to stand up over time. Other comfort and style details to look for in your work-ready jeans include:

  • Contoured waistbands that prevent gapping.
  • Structured lines that fit close to the body for a flattering fit.
  • Hidden tummy panels that smooth.
  • Well-constructed zippers and stitches for comfort and durability.

Styling Your Workplace Denim Jeans with the Right Top

Another consideration when choosing comfortable, stylish jeans for work is what tops to pair with them to create your best look. As long as you choose a denim style that fits your body without being extremely tight, you can wear and tuck in almost any type of blouse or top. Cashmere cardigan sweaters for women, dressy tees, turtlenecks, button-up blouses and many more work with jeans. If the bottom of your top has a clean line, tailored look, or banded bottom, it’s typically OK to wear it untucked. Avoid tucking in tops when wearing denim skinny jeans, jeggings, or denim leggings. Instead, choose a longer tunic-style top or women's sweater to pair with them.

What Shoes to Wear with Jeans for Business Casual

Though it will depend on the specific rules of your workplace, most business casual environments accommodate many types of footwear. Great styles to pair with your jeans include:

  • Ballet flats
  • Pointed toe flats
  • Loafers
  • Neutral or colored flats
  • Short-heel pumps
  • Ankle boots — flat or heeled

Styles to avoid include casual sneakers, flip flops or casual sandals, and open-toed shoes unless permitted.

Dress Up Your Denim with Accessories

You’ve done it — found the perfect pair of stretchy, comfortable jeans in a shade you love and with the perfect flattering fit. The jeans likely already work with many tops or sweaters you have in your closet. How do you dress up your denim to make it uniquely you? A few simple accessories can help.

  • Belts. Belts add an extra layer of polish to an outfit. A thin leather or patent leather belt makes a smart choice that can really pull your outfit together.
  • Jewelry and accents. You can easily create simple yet stylish outfits with a pair of great denim jeans, work-ready business casual shoes, and some special accents like jewelry, scarves, and hairpieces. Choose pieces that accent the outfit and colors without going overboard. Classic jewelry styles look smart and pretty when paired with this type of outfit for work.

Jeans for Everyone

  • As business work environments decrease dress code demands, more men and women are able to feel comfortable at work in classy-looking denim outfits. Inclusive sizing also means today's top trends and classic looks in denim jeans are available for everyone, from plus size jeans to petites!


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