Stylish and Trendy Plus Size Sweaters

Stylish and Trendy Plus Size Sweaters

You've never known comfort until you've slipped into the perfect plus size sweater. It's the one that makes you feel like you could wrap up in it and take a long nap. It's the one that you can't wait to wear all winter long. It's the one that makes you feel more confident than ever before. Undoubtedly, it takes a special piece to manage so many challenges so skillfully, which is why it's worth your time and attention to find the right addition to your wardrobe. With so many trendy plus size sweaters available, you might be stumped about where to begin.

First, start with the basics. What is it that constitutes a great plus size sweater? The focus should always be on fit. Pay close attention to how it feels when you pull it on. If it's at all snug or uncomfortable when you move around, lift your arms, or bend at the waist, then back to the rack it goes. Always prioritize how you feel before anything else–after all, you're wearing it all day long! Then, remember there's room in your closet for both fitted and relaxed styles. One isn't better than the other. Here are three cute plus size sweater options that balance comfort and style beautifully.

The Cashmere Cardigan

Did someone say cashmere cardigan? You know the material by its association with luxury alone. There's a reason this material enjoys such an incredible reputation; it respects the basic tenets of comfort and adds a whopping dose of style and sophistication to your look. That's a tough task to accomplish, yet cashmere manages it well. It's soft, of course, but it's also lightweight–therein lies its greatest benefit for something that locks in body heat without creating a bulky, unflattering situation. Plus size Cashmere cardigans sit closer to the skin and have powerful insulating properties that help you stay warm and dry even when it's freezing outside. You'll never feel that uncomfortable clammy sensation wash over you because you happen to be sweating in zero-degree temps. By regulating your body temperature, cashmere allows you to feel comfortable from the moment you slip it on until you pull it off.

Then, there's the style factor. Who could ever imagine cashmere being anything but stylish? It practically defines style. Unlike many of the typical textiles that cover the landscape during fall and winter, cashmere has an inherent luxurious quality that sets it apart from the rest. You'll find it looks right at home with everything from a pencil skirt at the office to a pair of chic curvy fit jeans when you're catching up over dinner and drinks with friends over the holidays. That's another distinction: Cashmere works well in many different environments. You don't really have to think too much about wearing it; it does all the work for you by keeping you warm and flattering your figure.

The Wool Sweater

You'll never want for comfort when you slip into a plus-size wool sweater. The material is renowned for many characteristics: its renewability, its biodegradability, and its comfort. Sure, there was a time when wool was strictly thought of as an itchy fabric that did little more than cause you grief all day long–but you can forget about that now. Modern wool designs are breathable and fashionable, so they offer you the best of both worlds without sacrificing even a hint of style or comfort.

Wool has the ability to warm you up immediately, but that doesn't automatically make it a bulky, heavy piece of clothing that is difficult to wear. If anything, it's just the opposite. Plus size wool sweaters pair well with everything in your closet, from leggings to corduroy pants. They provide some balance precisely because they aren't absurdly heavy–they just happen to keep you toasty without any added bulk. There are dozens of styles, from cardigans that balance your favorite skinny jeans, to hooded tunic sweaters that look great with relaxed joggers.

The Cotton Topper

Is there really anything more classic or reliable than a classic cotton sweater? It's as essential to your wardrobe as a crisp white shirt, a tailored blazer, or a sheath dress. It's the type of item that you'll undoubtedly reach for over and over again and pick up in multiple colors. That's due in great part to its comfort and versatility. Cotton can be sleek or more substantial, depending on the garment's construction. If you're layering it over a turtleneck on a cool day, then an open-front lightweight cotton cardigan is a brilliant choice. It adds the perfect warming layer to your ensemble.

When it's chillier outside, cotton still does the job masterfully. Look to thicker, more substantial pieces like shawl cardigans and crew-neck sweaters. Not only do they offer classic style thanks to their multiple colorways, but they're also easy to pair with everything. This season, you won't have to sacrifice style for comfort with our wide range of plus size sweaters.

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