Comfiest Clothes to Wear to the Cabin

Comfiest Clothes to Wear to the Cabin

To fully exercise your fall and winter wear, there is nothing better than a getaway to the mountains for cozy cabin season. For many, weekends at the cabin are filled with family, relaxation, simple pleasures, and a whole lot of snuggling by the fireplace. A thick blanket of snow may be covering the ground outside, but indoors, you’ll be thrilled to be warm and cozy, lounging in comfy clothes with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa.

For all your cabin-clothing fantasies, here are our recommendations for the comfiest clothes to wear to the cabin this year.

Women’s Sweaters

For cold days inside, women’s sweaters are the best option for snuggling up and enjoying the beautiful winter season from the comfort of your cabin. You can choose from fitted and fashionable to oversized knit and fleece pullovers. For the ultimate comfy sweater, look for something that allows you to curl up and move around. Oversized sweaters are often the best option to add all the warmth while still pulling off that effortless, cabin-comfy style. Whether you opt for a fluffy sherpa or fleece sweater, or a dainty fitted sweater, pair it with comfortable jeans or leggings and lined boots or slippers for added warmth and coziness.

Cashmere Sweaters for Women

For an elevated winter look, pull out understated and elegant women’s cashmere sweaters. The ultra-soft and luxurious fabric is lightweight, yet its unique fibers add the most warmth. Available in pullover sweaters, crewnecks, and cardigans, cashmere sweaters are versatile and can be worn for formal or casual occasions. Cashmere always looks sophisticated and simple, and the fuzzy fabric stands out among other traditional knits and fleece.

Wear your cashmere sweater with jeans and slippers for a warm and cozy day indoors, or pair it with leggings and boots under a thick quilted coat for a hike. Either way, these sweaters pack a lot of bang for their buck and are easy to store. With the proper care, they can last for years and continue to get softer as time passes.

Flannel Shirts

A staple item for any trip to the mountains, flannel shirts are the ultimate layer for cozy days indoors and outside too. Flannel is extra comfy and warm, and when the temperature really plummets, you can upgrade to a fleece-lined flannel shirt to lock in warmth. Flannel is versatile and comes in a variety of patterns and colors, meaning you don’t have to stick with the traditional plaid. Instead, you can opt for polka dots, bright pops of color, or even a classic neutral tone. Pair flannel shirts with denim jeans or leggings, and add fluffy slippers or lined boots for a warm and cozy look. When you brave the great outdoors, be sure to layer up with thick winter sweaters and insulated winter coats.


Now for the holy grail of cabin getaways, leggings! For women, there are not many more comfortable options in bottoms and pants than leggings. With flexible waistbands and stretchy cotton fabric, you can easily cozy up by the fire in women’s leggings without worrying about tight fabric or uncomfortable positions. Another great perk of leggings is that, when colder weather strikes, you can opt for leggings lined with fleece or Sherpa, making them extra warm without being too chunky. Pair leggings with oversized sweaters or flannel tunics for an all-around winter look that can be layered underneath outerwear. Additionally, slip the tapered leg of leggings into a pair of high boots or booties for an easy winter style that can be pulled off at a moment’s notice.

Women’s Pajamas

For those long evenings during the winter, women’s pajamas are perfect for lounging around the cabin with hot cocoa and a movie. Slip into your favorite pajama set that can include everything from shorts and a sleep shirt to a nightdress and slippers. Women’s pajamas come in a variety of patterns, and fabrics from Supima cotton to cozy flannel. Better yet, if you’re planning a family cabin trip, you can have some extra fun with matching family pajamas in all different styles, so everyone can feel warm on a winter night. Women’s pajamas are entirely customizable, and you can add an embroidered monogram or initials to your pajamas for a personal spin on a sleepwear classic.

When it comes to winter getaways to the mountains, cabin life is an easy favorite for the whole family. If you are ready to stay inside, with a crackling fire and hot cocoa, and enjoy the simple pleasures with your family, bring these winter wardrobe favorites for a cozy getaway.


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