Amalfi Coast Or South Beach? Colorful Bathing Suits For Every Vacation

Amalfi Coast Or South Beach? Colorful Bathing Suits For Every Vacation

People love beaches. The ocean, tides, and waves all play a major role in folklore from all over the globe, so it’s no surprise that beach destinations have become popular vacation spots. So, choose the locale that’s right for your dream trip, pack your bags, and bon voyage. Consequently, when it comes to beach vacations, bathing suits and swimwear are at the top of the list for things to pack, right up there with towels, resort wear, and your favorite sunglasses. Wherever you head on your vacation, you’ll need swimwear that is bold, colorful, and comfortable to keep you trekking the sand and surf. You can’t go wrong with these fun, fresh swimsuits!

Fun Florals

A tropical getaway is like a fantasy. Palm trees, clear, warm waters, and relaxing days spent on the sand. If you’re heading to a tropical destination for your vacation, you can’t go wrong with fun, floral swimwear. A floral swimsuit is like the Hawaiian shirt of swimwear: it’s versatile, cute, and perfect for your tropical getaway. Floral suits come in every style and cut, from bikinis and tankinis to one-pieces and swim dresses. You can find so many different colors and patterns of floral suits, so the options are virtually endless. You’re sure to get the perfect print and style that matches your personality. When you pack for the tropics, be sure to bring your floral swimsuit for the stylish swimwear that will perfect your summer getaway.

Bright, Stylish Prints

Similar to the floral prints mentioned above, bright patterns and other fun designs are great options for every beach vacation. With endless colors and choices of print, there’s a swimsuit out there for everyone. Maybe you want a classic blue and white polka dot suit to channel your inner vintage pin-up? Or would you prefer a green plant pattern or bold animal print?

Whatever your personal taste and style, there’s something out there to match it! With a busy, loud print, it’s best to keep the style of the suit simple: think one-piece swimsuit or other classic, simple silhouettes. The pattern will do the talking on its own, so there’s no need to get fancy with the swimsuit design. This suit is a classic choice for a casual fun beach vacation, so it can really be worn anywhere! No matter what sand you get your toes in, do it in style in a fun, brightly patterned suit.

Bold Statement Colors

If bold prints and patterns aren’t your style, go for bright, cold colors instead! Vibrant colors will play against your natural skin tones while making a fun personality statement with your swimsuit. Red, blue, and white can create a nautical-inspired outfit for your cruise vacations, American beach trips, and even foreign destinations. Yellows, oranges, and greens are all great summer shades that are fun and fresh this season. Pick a color and then a suit silhouette. Channel your inner lifeguard and rock a red swimsuit. No matter your taste, personal style, or skin tone, you’re sure to find the right swimwear for you and your beach destination.

Classic Black Or White

Some colors are style staples. They’re classics because they look good on everyone and are great, versatile colors. Black and white are both amazing choices for swimwear, as they make you look and feel great! Black tends to make us look thinner, but it attracts the sun, so don’t forget to apply and reapply sunscreen! Nonetheless, it still looks great with every skin tone. On the flip side of the spectrum, white makes you look tanner and contrasts the natural shades of your skin. Since the colors are simple, the style can be more complicated. Go for a strappy, unconventional silhouette or a deep-v neckline that draws attention to your face and bust.

A high neck swimsuit or experimental strapless suit are other great options of silhouettes to keep things funky and fresh in a traditional color. For a fun style choice, wear black and white together! Zebra stripes, checked patterns, and polka dots are all great black and white combination choices. Whether you choose a black or white (or combo!) swimsuit, you’ll be confident knowing that your look will never go out of style.

All of these swimsuit options will keep you looking and feeling great all over the world this summer. Whether you’re on the Amalfi Coast, headed to South Beach, or tanning in the backyard, you can do so in style with these colorful suits for every vacation. Soak up the sun this summer and have your best beach vacation ever.


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