Coastal Grandmother Autumn Is Coming

Coastal Grandmother Autumn Is Coming

The coastal grandmother style is one of the best things to hit fashion in ages. These classic, comfy good looks in neutral colors are beautiful and timeless, yet trendy. Let's look at how to make coastal grandmother one of the best parts of autumn.

Coastal Grandmother Neutrals

One of the coolest parts of the coastal grandmother look is how it pairs classic neutrals with classic neutrals. By focusing on lighter shades that work for the season, the coastal grandmother look is sophisticated and easy. In the summer, this meant plenty of whites for women's tops as well as bottoms. For autumn, you'll want to take the same coastal grandmother vibe, but add in more taupe, gray, charcoal, and black.

A great idea is to do a fall wardrobe inventory. Go through each piece that you have, try it on, and jot down notes about what additional pieces you would like to add to your wardrobe. This is also an excellent opportunity to clear out your closet. If there are items that don't work for you anymore, consider donating them to charity. If something needs mending, get it into a mending pile or take it to your dry cleaners, so that you can get it back to work helping you to look and feel great.

Coastal Grandmother White Blouse

If there is one wardrobe staple that will never let you down, it's a classic women's white blouse. This timeless piece can be dressed up or down, worn by itself or layered, and creates a great "canvas" for statement jewelry. For a coastal grandmother vibe, consider going a bit oversized. Another option is a fitted white blouse that has a V-neck (or one where you just don't button it up to your chin). The coastal grandmother is all about easy and comfy.

A nice idea for white blouses is to buy a second one when you find a blouse that makes you look and feel beautiful. One of the advantages of a white blouse is that you might be able to use bleach to remove a stain, but white is still white. Always check the manufacturer's instructions on how to care for your clothing. If you buy an extra white blouse, if you accidentally dump coffee on it (we have all been there), you can pull your backup white blouse out of the closet and be ready to go.

Coastal Grandmother Perfect Pants

The coastal grandmother silhouette is flowing and comfy looking. Stick with a coastal grandmother vibe when shopping for women's bottoms with a coastal grandmother vibe looser cut pants in a neutral color. You could go for palazzo pants if you wish, or perhaps just a wider cut leg. If you know that straight-leg pants look great on you, go for it and "balance" it out with an extra chunky top to help keep the vibe going.

Coastal Grandmother Cozy Cardigans

Cozy cardigan sweaters will be a key piece of your coastal grandmother autumn ensembles. In keeping with the relaxed, flowy look of coastal grandmother, go for waterfall cardigans or cardigans that are cut so that you can easily wrap the sweater around yourself.

Layering a neutral cardigan over a white oversized T-shirt or tank top is a great coastal grandmother look. This can also give you options if the calendar says "autumn", but the mercury at that moment hasn't caught up yet.

Coastal Grandmother Oversized Sweaters

Big, chunky sweaters are part of the coastal grandmother look year-round. For the autumn coastal grandmother look, consider winter white, taupe or grey, or black. Going lighter on top for the oversized women's sweater is a great look. Black will totally work for coastal grandmother, but you might not want to go black from head to toe regularly as lighter neutrals are part of the coastal grandmother's signature.

The coastal grandmother is about a mindset almost as much as it's about fashion. Slowing down and savoring the moment is so coastal grandmother. While going through your wardrobe and planning your favorite fall fashions, add in some other coastal grandmother activities like making sure to have a great mug for your favorite tea after a walk where you enjoy the beautiful autumn weather. When the leaves turn, make sure to go leaf peeping in your own neighborhood. It's important not to miss moments that will bring you joy.

Coastal Grandmother Loafers

The coastal grandmother is about chic comfort. If you like stilettos, go for it—but not when you are in the mood to achieve a coastal grandmother vibe. Classic loafers are a great choice for coastal grandmother autumn. Pair them with neutral women's socks or wear them sans socks if the weather permits. Ballet flats are also a timeless choice for comfy fall footwear. Enjoy indulging in coastal grandmother fashion this autumn!


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