How to Shop for Your Growing Kids

How to Shop for Your Growing Kids

Buying clothes for growing kids can seem like an ongoing process. However, you can plan for the future and purchase clothing for growing kids without breaking the bank. These money-saving tips will help you shop less and get more out of your growing kid’s clothing.

Take Size Into Account

Of course, you don’t want your child swimming in their clothing. However, you can get away with ordering a size bigger to account for your growing kid. Avoid buying staple items like jeans and shoes in a significantly larger size. Think about going with a slightly longer leg and rolling up the cuffs, or opting for just a half-size larger kids’ shoe. Since your child wears these items frequently, you’ll want the right fit. Instead, use elastic waists to increase the longevity of these staple items.

From T-Shirt Dresses to Tunics

One great way to buy clothing for growing kids is to choose kids’ dresses that have a little wiggle room. T-shirt dresses are great because they can transition into tunics with cute kids’ leggings as they grow. Dresses and skirts with belts are other options since you can buy them slightly bigger and use the belt to cinch them down. Over time, your kiddo will grow into the clothing.

Elastic Waists

Clothing with elastic waists offers up an excellent solution for growing kids. As your kid grows, the elastic waist gives a little wiggle room. For shorts, girls' skirts, and dresses, an elastic waist is a good bet. Pants tend to be a little tougher, just because the length doesn’t adjust as easily. Avoid shrinking pants by getting a longer pant leg. Simply roll it up and uncuff the pants as your kid grows.

Definitely Durable

Buying clothes for growing kids doesn’t just mean accounting for them getting taller. Kids are rough on their belongings, so durability counts. Opt for durable materials such as denim and thicker fabrics. Boys’ sweaters shouldn’t pile easily and should be able to withstand some abuse. Since kiddos are so active, you want their clothing to move with them. Look for stretchy, breathable fabrics to go with your kid’s active lifestyle. That way you won’t be buying new jeans every week, but instead will have clothing that lasts a little longer.

Go Used

If your kid is undergoing a growth spurt, consider buying used. Used clothing is not only more cost-effective but also more sustainable too. Boys are especially susceptible to growth spurts, so be sure to mix some gently used clothing into their wardrobe. Look for basics like boys’ jeans, T-shirts, and other staples they wear often. Of course, get a few new threads to keep your kids feeling happy and relevant, but it’s okay to thrift kids’ clothing while they grow.

On the flip side, if your kid is quickly outgrowing their clothing, consider donating or selling it. There are plenty of donation options for clothing from online re-sale to your local thrift shop. Some of these items can be sold, while others are simply tax-deductible donations.

Teach Them About Budgeting

If your child is older, use clothes shopping as an opportunity to teach them about budgeting. Give your kids a clothing budget and let them pick out the items they need for the season. Keep budgets realistic and small enough to where they will need to make sacrifices.

Set up boundaries and explain the budget, why you chose it, and how to make informed buying decisions. If you can, help your kids or have them explain why they purchased a certain item. This method of giving a clothing budget works well for tweens and teens who are at the age where they should learn the value of money. Budgeting clothing teaches kids valuable money-saving tips and also enables them to make independent financial decisions.

Overall, there are several quick and easy tips to help you avoid the growing pains of shopping for kids. Choose quality, durable materials, and consider sizing up just a smidge if your child is growing quickly. Alternatively, don’t shy away from gently used clothing to keep clothes shopping easy on the wallet. From choosing the best sizes for young children to teaching teenagers to set and stick with a budget, there are plenty of ways to shop for kids’ clothing. These tips for shopping for kids are designed to help you make your kid’s wardrobe last as long as possible and teach them a life lesson along the way.


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