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Best Clothes for Girls Who Are In Between Sizes

Being in between sizes is a normal part of growing up. Children grow so fast that it often seems you've barely blinked before you're shopping for something new! That's why it's so important to shop for comfortable clothes that your daughter can wear as she grows. There are several ways to approach this so that she can enjoy clothes that help her feel her best while she's playing with her friends at school or in the backyard. Whether you're shopping for dresses for girls, tops, or bottoms, you can take your cue from these style tips for those who are in between sizes.

Always Size Up

Err on the side of caution and opt to size up so that you essentially purchase clothes that will grow with your child. It's often surprising what a difference that slight change can mean, even for those who fall somewhere in between the two options. A slightly looser fabric is always more comfortable and easier to wear in any setting, whether she's walking to class or running around outside. Comfort means everything.

Moreover, a piece of clothing that's sized up can always be taken in if necessary. A tailor will happily alter those girls' pants so that they feel just right when she pulls them on. She can add a belt as needed, too, as she grows into them.

Look for Stretchy Pieces

The stretch factor is important because it adds flexibility and mobility to the mix. These are key features for girls. Think about all of the activities they perform in a day, from going to school to hanging out with friends to gym class. That little bit of stretch can make all the difference when they're in between sizes. Features like elastic waists and limber fabrics are especially great.

For example, a pair of jeggings for girls is a sensible and stylish choice to wear to school at any time of the year. They're super stretchy and look great with everything from tunics to T-shirts to cardigans. Regular leggings and jersey dresses are also key parts of this category that she can wear all the time — and because they feel so soft and easy, she's sure to feel confident throughout the day.

Opt for Richer Fabrics

Even the right fabric can make a world of difference where her comfort is concerned. Light, thin fabrics, for example, may feel uncomfortable when she's running around during recess or meeting up with friends for practice after school. Something made with thicker material, like rich cotton or knit, is perfect because it falls gracefully, won't constrict movement, and feels so good against the skin.

Wearing thicker materials is also ideal for growing girls who may expect to sprout a bit more and graduate from the "in-between" phase in the near future. Sizing up makes it easy for her to wear the garment for a longer period of time and enjoy the soft comfort that it brings to her wardrobe.

Invest in the Basics

It's the basics that matter the most in anyone's closet. For those girls who are in between sizes, it's just as vital to start at the beginning and put together a collection of pieces that is perfect for everyday wear. From there, you can build on the basics and add other elements that are more suitable for special occasions, whether it's a school dance or a family reunion.

Start with a classic girls' cardigan, which can be worn over loose tops to create a pulled-together look. Cardigans are naturally loose and are so practical for growing girls to wear. She can easily wear it over a dress, with jeans, and with simple pants. A comfortable turtleneck is also a great choice that will keep her warm and comfortable during the coolest days of the year.

You might also consider girls' skorts when shopping for classic bottoms. Jeans and skirts also qualify, but skorts are especially practical because they offer the fashionable style of a skirt coupled with the undeniable comfort and sporty appeal of a pair of shorts.

Focus on Comfort

Nothing matters more than her comfort. When she's in between sizes, make sure to size up so that she will always feel her best no matter what the day might bring. Adding fun accessories and layering pieces, like belts and cardigans, can help transform different outfits any day of the week. With the right pieces in her closet, she's sure to feel her best!


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