A Guide to Closet Basics: Items You Can Re-Wear for Years

A Guide to Closet Basics: Items You Can Re-Wear for Years

If it’s time to round out your wardrobe, seek out closet basics you can wear year after year. You probably already own some of these staples. However, buying fresh basics is never a bad idea. Additionally, when styled properly, these versatile items can be worn any time of the year (and from work through to the weekend). Once you purchase these closet essentials, you'll never run out of stylish go-to outfits, no matter where you are heading.

Classic Pair of Skinny Blue Jeans

Nothing says “Day saver” like a classic pair of skinny blue jeans. Skinny jeans go with literally anything you have in your closet—from sneakers and black pumps to graphic women’s T-shirts and chic blouses. You can dress them up for your workplace with a casual dress code or down when running errands around town. What can’t skinny jeans do?

Crisp White Shirt

A crisp white shirt is the top version of jeans: it goes with pretty much everything in your closet. You can work a white shirt into both your casual and dressier ensembles. Experiment with fits and silhouettes to see which styles pique your interest the most. More fitted, structured shirts work best with your 9-to-5 wardrobe. Oversized white shirts look fabulous when layered over skinny jeans. You can even tie your white shirt around your waist or style it underneath a knit sweater.

Black Dress Pants

Every working professional more than likely owns a pair of black dress pants. If you don’t, what are you waiting for? Based on your workplace’s dress code, you could almost always wear black pants as an alternative to work dresses and skirts. They go with all your fashionable work-ready blouses, leather flats, and impressive pumps. You will always be interview-ready with a handy pair of black pants nearby.

Structured Blazer

A structured blazer complements your body’s natural shape, offering a flattering fit. It’s a must-have layering essential for the workplace and beyond. When layered over a pair of jeans, it provides a bit of edge. You can never go wrong with a black blazer. However, switch things up by adding a patterned blazer to the mix, such as plaid, windowpane, or houndstooth, or a bright or pastel shade.

Denim Jacket

A more casual layering option, a denim jacket is something to easily reach for when heading out the door. Denim jackets obviously match well with most of your casual outfits, but you can also style them with your favorite cotton sundresses. Keep things neutral with a blue or black jeans jacket, or switch things up with a bright red one. Patches, studs, and rhinestones all lend more fun to any denim jacket, no matter the shade or silhouette.

Little Black Dress

The little black dress never goes out of style. It’s always there for any engagement or cocktail party. Like any clothing item, black dresses take on many forms, so it’s best to think of the types of events you attend the most. Do you go to plenty of workplace networking events? Look for a more formal, timeless black dress (with an A-line, bodycon, or empire waist silhouette). Do you love late-night events? A figure-hugging, head-turning black dress is more up your alley.

Crewneck Sweater

A crewneck sweater is a classic layering sweater. If the fabric is lightweight enough, you could wear it in the springtime, too. Quality is key when selecting a women’s sweater to add to your wardrobe. Choose a material such as cotton, wool, or cashmere that will last a long time while offering the utmost comfort. These fabric types may require a bit more TLC, but their sturdiness will make them worth it.

Leather (or Faux Leather) Moto Jacket

A quality leather jacket can elevate an outfit. Plus, premium leather means this jacket style will last a long time. Moto jackets lend an edge to any outfit, with attributes such as asymmetrical zippers, epaulets, and studs. You can wear them with any pair of jeans, leather pants, and more. Alternatively, if you are not into leather, a quality faux leather jacket gives the same look.

Slimming Bodysuit

Whether worn as an outfit’s base or the centerpiece, a bodysuit makes styling easy. Plus, a bodysuit can slim your figure. Bodysuits are all the rave right now, so you have plenty of styles to choose from when selecting one for your wardrobe. You can choose something neutral that goes with almost anything, or a lace, sheer, leather, or patterned bodysuit. For chilly days, layer under a tracksuit, denim, or bomber jacket.

A Statement Piece

Finally, find a statement piece that speaks to you and lets you show off your personality and style. This piece will tie your outfit together, no matter where you are going. Whether you fall in love with a funky blazer, designer belt, oversized faux fur coat, or handmade jewelry, everyone needs that favorite piece you can’t leave the house without wearing.

Find the place for versatile closet basics you can wear almost anywhere, no matter the time of the year. Making room for these types of pieces will make styling much easier!

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