Classic Swimwear Options That Never Go Out of Style

Classic Swimwear Options That Never Go Out of Style

Picking the right bathing suit can boost your mood and give you an extra pep in your step wherever you're planning to wear it. Opening yourself up to several options and having more than one swimsuit in your wardrobe collection lets you feel confident about any choice you make for the day. With the abundance of styles, colors, and unique fits to choose from, you can take your time exploring your options. If you are in the market for new bathing suits for the summer season or your upcoming beach vacation, consider these classic bathing suit options.

The All-Black One-Piece

Nothing says glamour quite like a vintage-inspired all-black classic one-piece bathing suit. A black one-piece is the type of swimwear you can imagine yourself in when vacationing on the French Riviera, sipping wine and snoozing in the sun by the Mediterranean Sea. And there are so many styles and fits available that you are bound to find a black one-piece that will accentuate your figure. A strapless black one-piece is simple and elegant, but an even better choice is a black one-piece that comes with adjustable, removable straps. This way, you have two bathing suit styles in one!

Another extremely elegant and timeless swimsuit option is the V-neck one-piece — it will never go out of style. No matter how many bathing suits you rack up in your wardrobe or how many styles and colors you love, make sure to have at least one all-black one-piece swimsuit. You will be amazed at how regal you feel in your suit.

A Swim Dress

An alternative to the one-piece is a swim dress. This style offers plenty of support and coverage and comes in many styles, fits, and colors. A wrap swimsuit dress in a floral print is fashionable, colorful, and timeless. It’s been around for decades and won’t be going anywhere any time soon. It’s the kind of swimsuit you might want to wear when lounging around by the pool or sunning yourself on pristine golden sands by the shore. One of the best things about a swimsuit dress is that when you are ready to leave the beach to walk the boardwalk or sip an iced tea by some outdoor seaside cafe, you won’t have to change back into your clothes!

A V-Neck Halter Bikini

While a bikini doesn’t offer as much coverage as a one-piece or tankini, it still offers plenty of support and is a great swimsuit option, especially for women who do a lot of water aerobics or swimming laps at the pool. If you are a no-frills kind of woman, this basic, solid-colored halter top bikini is a fabulous choice. Because it’s simple yet chic, it can be worn in all different settings, from the local pool to an island vacation to a backyard swimming party. Whether you just want to work on your tan or you are planning to do some serious swimming exercises, this halter top bikini will do the trick.

A Bikini Top and Swimsuit Skirt

Make no mistake about it, this iconic duo of a bikini top and swimsuit skirt has been around for a long time and remains an extremely fashionable swimwear choice. Little features like a twist-front V-neck bikini top combined with a solid-color bottom make for a sophisticated look. It’s the kind of swimwear option you would want to pack for just about any getaway, from a luxurious European vacation to a quaint lakeside retreat. If you are going for a swimsuit like this, search for choices that come with adjustable straps and an underwire bra to offer the most support, comfort, and flexibility.

A Blouson Tummy-Hiding Tankini Top

For the sake of maximum protection from harmful UV rays and an adequate amount of coverage, the blouson tummy-hiding tankini top with bikini bottoms is the way to go. It’s a unique style and, as the name suggests, the top offers a shape and fit similar to a regular blouse top. It’s flowy and roomy and provides an unbelievably flattering look for any body type. The straps are adjustable to ensure the highest levels of comfort and support. Opt for a solid color so that your entire swimsuit ensemble looks effortlessly chic. You can show up to your neighborhood pool party or island getaway looking like an elegant Hollywood movie star.

Feeling confident in taking the next steps to find your new swimwear collection? Have fun with it! Shop around, try on a few pieces, and take home the items you love best. Finding the best classic swimsuits for you will make your days by the water even better.


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