8 Classic Flannel & Jeans Outfit Ideas

8 Classic Flannel and Jeans Outfit Ideas

Fall and winter outfit staples with flannel shirts and jeans are a classic. A highlight of the weather turning cooler is being able to put on your favorite pair of jeans and a flannel for that crisp fall day. A simple way to be stylish but also comfortable, styling your flannel and jeans look with different options lets you keep your favorite staples as your weekend outfit all fall long without getting bored or having the same look in every photo you take.

Flannel and Jeans

The first look is the most classic—a button-up flannel shirt with jeans. Skinny jeans, bootcut jeans, high-rise jeans, and mid-rise jeans all look good with a classic flannel shirt.

Tunic Flannel and Jeans

A tunic flannel is pleated to add some style to the classic look and has increased length at the waistline, perfect to pair with skinny jeans or leggings that look like jeans. The extra flow in the longer length adds comfort to your casual fall outfit.

Flannel, Jeans, and Vest

For those cooler days, a flannel may not be sufficient to keep warm. Pairing a flannel with a women’s fleece vest adds a stylish layer to your fall look. Another option is a warmer vest, such as a puffer vest, insulated vest, or packable down vest, which can be ideal for those cooler fall days when we near winter. These vests are cute, stylish, and, most importantly—warm.

Flannel, Jeans, and Denim Jacket

If the weather is cooler but does not quite call for a vest, a denim jacket may be your best bet. Wear over your flannel with the sleeves rolled up just a bit so that you can have the flannel cuffed on top, which will add a nice pop of color to your outfit. Denim jackets are wardrobe staples and the perfect fall accessory. Even pair with colorful jeans if you prefer more color than denim blue, or opt for a tie-dye denim jacket.

Flannel and Colorful Jeans

Choosing a more subdued colored flannel such as a black and white one will pair well with red or green jeans for a pop of color on the legs. The elastic high waist skinny legging jeans in paprika, forest moss, dark olive green, or gray pair nicely with a long-sleeved flannel tunic top. You might even choose to pair your flannel with white jeans, which will be a nice blend of summer and fall.

Flannel, Jeans, and Cardigan

If you need a little more warmth but don't want to risk breaking a sweat in a heavier coat, a women’s cardigan sweater is the perfect option. While lightweight, it's just the perfect additional layer you need on most fall days to keep you a little warmer. A flannel under an open cardigan, a buttoned cardigan, or a blazer cardigan adds even more color and warmth.

Flannel as a Top Layer

Pick your favorite 3/4 sleeve tops, T-shirt, or tank top and pair a flannel shirt over it. This look allows for a little extra warmth on those chilly fall mornings and evenings. It also allows for versatility as the weather can be temperamental. Button up the shirt during those chilly mornings and then take off the flannel and tie it around your waist once the temperature warms up. A flannel tied over your jeans is a casual, fun style perfect for fall. You can match the shirt underneath with the lines in the flannel or pick a contrasting color for additional color pop.

Flannel, Jeans, and Sweatshirt

To continue with the flannel as the top layer look, pair an unbuttoned flannel over a sweatshirt. A crewneck or quarter zip under an oversized flannel with a pair of your favorite jeans is a relaxed, comfy look perfect for snuggling up by the fire or for a fall weekend filled with fun activities.

Flannel shirts are an essential staple for any fall wardrobe. Jeans are the core of most fall styles. Pairing the two gives you the quintessential fall look. Choose different styles to mix up your outfits for fall outings, plans, and photos.

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