Classic Dress Cuts and Styles That Are Perfect for the Summer

Classic Dress Cuts and Styles That Are Perfect for the Summer

Summer is the perfect time to wear all your favorite dresses. Summer dresses are also a part of what makes summer so much fun. But with all the changing trends, sometimes it’s good to have a selection that will always be on-trend for every summer. Here are some of the best classic dress cuts and styles that are perfect for the summer.

The Shirt Dress

Timeless, comfortable, and casual but easy enough to dress up, the shirt dress may be the answer to all your summers. Shirt dresses are typically cut into a looser fit, making them breathable and laid-back, so these classic pieces are just what you need for the effortless go-to summer piece.

Coming in a variety of styles, you can find button-ups or pull-overs, collared or open necklines, short or long length, sleeveless or sleeved, polo-style or tunic style, and just about anything else. Wear with your favorite pair of boots to dress up, or slip on your sandals to wear to the beach.

The Timeless LBD

While the little black dress (or LBD) is typically considered a fall and winter staple, black can definitely be worn all year-round. Don’t be shy to pull your little black dress out of the closet with a fun pair of sandals, a linen jacket, or a floral printed lightweight fashion scarf. The LBD is a timeless and classic piece that will serve you for years to come. Choose a lighter fabric such as cotton, linen, or rayon for a lighter feel and look perfect for the summer.

The Empire Waist

Empire waist dresses are one of our favorite dress cuts for summer. The empire waist typically cinches right below the bust on the lower ribs and allows for the dress to flow down from there. Empire waist dresses are a classic cut that’s a throwback to 18th-century style and elegance and grace. This stunning silhouette is slimming and lengthening and has a fitted bodice that ends just below the bust and allows for a flowy and loose-fitted bottom perfect for summer. This classic dress cut also makes the perfect maternity dress as they tend to be spacious and flattering around the belly—style with all your summer favorites for a stunning look.

The Cinched Waist

With the empire waist in neoclassic roots, the cinched waist is reminiscent of the Victorian era. This classic dress cut offers a flattering silhouette that looks good on just about everyone. The classic cinched dress sits right on the natural waist, offering a stunning shape and silhouette where the empire waist cut cinches just below the waist. This classic dress cut is versatile, comfortable, and perfect for every season. For summer, choose lighter colors and flowery prints for the perfect summer dress. The cinched waist is a little more formal than the empire waist, making it the best choice for parties, evenings out, or other events. Show off those beautiful curves with this classic and timeless cut that will look good for years to come.

Free Flow

This boho-chic vibe is one of the best ways to spend summer. Free-flowing dresses are loose-fitting and fall comfortably over your body. Regardless of the style, cut, or hemline, the free-flow look is perfect for dressing up or down. Choose a loose and unfitted free-flow dress to wear with sandals and a stylish hat for days on the beach or the boardwalk. Dress it up with a waist belt, a pair of heels, and a linen jacket to take your free-flow cut dress from daytime to nighttime.

Low Cuts and Slits

It’s summer, so feel free to show off a little skin. These classic and tasteful cuts will have you feeling beautiful, stylish, and ready to rock summer. Slits on women’s dresses don’t have to be over the top. Choose the slit that’s best for you and enjoy the extra airflow, mobility, and feeling of showing off a little leg. Don’t be shy to wear some backless dresses or plunging necklines on those particularly hot days, an afternoon at the beach, or for date night. Skin is in, so enjoy wearing these classic daring cuts while the summer weather lasts.

The Midi Dress

One of our favorite classic fits and all-around looks is the midi dress. This timeless piece is a dress cut where the hemline falls to the area between the knees and ankles. Offering the modesty and elegance of a classic cut coupled with the airiness of summer, the midi dress is the perfect summer dress for daytime or nighttime. A little dressier than a mini dress and a little more casual than a floor-length dress, the midi is the perfect middle ground for summer daywear or nightwear.

The Mini Dress

The mini dress is the ideal playful and classic dress for summer. Wear with just about anything to just about anywhere to show off those stems and feel airy and free during the summer heat. Mini dresses refer to a classic dress cut where the hemline falls above the knee. Choose from a wide variety of styles, fabrics, and colors to find the one that’s best for you. Mini dresses look amazing with high-cut boots and a denim jacket for a casual yet effortless summer look.

The Maxi Dress

This boho-chic favorite doesn’t make you a hippie. Maxi dresses for women are long and elegant choices for summer that flatter your figure, offer a stunning streamlined silhouette, and are just amazingly comfortable. Maxi dresses are the ultimate cut for summer and go perfectly from daytime to night. Choose a lightweight summer fabric like cotton, rayon, bamboo, linen, or silk to rock the maxi dress all summer. Cinch at the waist for a more classy look.

Get ready for summer by making sure your wardrobe has all the classic dress cuts that are perfect for this summer and every summer to come.


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