Christmas Sweaters That Are Anything But Ugly

Christmas Sweaters That Are Anything But Ugly

Christmas sweaters have a bit of a bad rap for being ugly, frumpy, and gaudy. While images of your grandma’s Christmas sweaters with big tacky reindeer and snowmen on the front may haunt your ideas of what Christmas sweaters are all about, we’re here to tell you that the world of Christmas sweaters has totally evolved. These days, Christmas sweaters aren’t just not ugly; they’re cool and stylish. No longer just tacky, frumpy, and itchy, Christmas sweaters are now soft, flattering, and fashionable. While ugly Christmas sweaters are great for ugly Christmas sweater-themed parties and for cheeky throwbacks, they’ve otherwise moved aside to make way for the perfect holiday sweaters you’ll find yourself wanting to wear all year long. Celebrate the holidays in style this Christmas with the best Christmas sweaters for the whole family.

Kitschy Made Classy

If you’re looking for a classier variation on the kitschy knits of childhood, then you can definitely find them. Look for classic decorative holiday sweaters that aren’t an eye sore. Pretty Christmas sweaters with old-school reindeer, twinkling snowflakes, neat gifts, beautiful Christmas trees, and bucolic outdoor snowy scenes. These sweaters aren’t the big and ugly ones you may know; they instead use delicate, pretty, and classic imagery and designs to dress up comfortable and flattering sweaters for a festive holiday season. Wear your classic Christmas sweater while decorating the Christmas tree and hanging Christmas decorations.

Fair Isle Sweaters

Fair Isle knitted Christmas sweaters are a classic that will never go out of style. The Fair Isle sweater is recognizable by its familiar geometric patterns in classic color palettes. This sweater style has been around for over a century and is a Christmas trademark. There’s something just inherently Christmasy about Fair Isle sweaters and their distinctive geometric patterns. Choose a style that is even more Christmas inspired with snowflake designs, Christmas colors, and other holiday-themed design elements. Fair Isle sweaters are a classy and classic take on the typical Christmas sweater that will never go out of style.

Bedazzled Sweater

Get in the festive mood without necessarily wearing a Christmas sweater. Sweaters that have festive and holiday-inspired elements, such as sequins, jewels, and bows, are totally on theme for the Christmas festivities without needing to put Rudolf on your sweater. Anything that is sparkly, glittering, and bedazzles is going to make for a great sweater to wear around the holidays.

Sweater Dress

Another sweater option that isn’t exactly Christmasy but can be styled to feel festive for the holidays is a sweater dress. Choose a sweater dress that is red, green, gold, or blue to match the Christmas color scheme. Accessorize your sweater dress with Christmasy pins, scarves, and other Christmas decorations. This way you will be on theme for the holidays in your comfortable and cozy sweater dress without feeling over-the-top Christmasy. The small Christmas decorative accessories will help you look subtly festive while still keeping you laid-back and effortlessly holiday-ready.

Plaid Sweater

Plaid sweaters make great Christmas sweaters you can wear with your flannel pajama pants or just a pair of jeans. Cute, cozy, and versatile, plaid sweaters make a great option for wearing on and around the holidays. Red plaid and tartan sweaters make great options for those who want to feel festive for Christmas but don’t necessarily want to wear images of snowflakes and reindeer. Plaid and tartan remind us of cozy winters and all the wonderful things that come along with them, including the holidays. Plaid sweaters are like the cozier version of your favorite flannel shirts that can be worn to different events and just for lounging by the Christmas tree around the holiday season.

Cable Knit Sweater

Cable knit sweaters are another perfect Christmas sweater option for those who want to feel festive but not look over-the-top Christmasy. Cozy cables are versatile and easy to wear with just about anything. Wear over your flannel Christmas pajama bottoms or with a pair of leggings. This sweater is so versatile it can be styled with just about everything to bring a more festive vibe to your holiday season. Cable knit sweaters can also be worn as cardigans, which look stylish and comfortable worn over your Christmas pajamas or your velvet holiday dress.

Cashmere Sweater

For those really wanting a classy and sophisticated Christmas sweater that’s perfect for dinners, parties, and events, definitely choose a cashmere sweater. These sweaters don’t have to be overly decorated, but simply choosing colors such as red, gold, blue, or green will help you feel more festive and Christmasy. Wear over a patterned skirt or dress pants for a perfect holiday outfit that will leave you feeling festive.

Celebrate Christmas and the holiday season in style with some of these great Christmas sweater ideas that aren’t at all ugly. In fact, Christmas sweaters these days are classy, trendy, and stylish and will leave you feeling cozy and festive for the holiday season.


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