Christmas Picture Outfits for Newlyweds

Christmas Picture Outfits for Newlyweds

Taking your first Christmas pictures as a couple can be an exciting time, and you want your outfit to be just right. Depending on your personalities and the type of card you want to send, there are lots of different clothing options to express yourself uniquely and share the joy of your first Christmas as newlyweds.

First Date Outfits

Your first date is a special memory, and if you’re the sentimental type, reminiscing about that first date can be something close to your heart. Why not consider dressing up in the same or a similar outfit to what you wore on your first date? If this fits with the season, perfect, but if not you can make it work, too. If your first date was outdoors at a summer event, for example, you can still don those cute outfits, but take the photos indoors with a fun backdrop that reminds you of that first date.

Fancy Formal Clothes

For a fun twist on your standard dressy clothes worn for pictures, why not go all out for your first Christmas card photos as a couple? Wear a formal dress and dressy suit or tux to make the photos one-of-a-kind. Going with slightly over-the-top dress clothes for Christmas images also gives a special nod to the importance of this first year of marriage, so it can be fun as well as meaningful. Consider wearing coordinating colors or having accessories or accents that match for a cohesive look.

Historic Christmas Looks

If you and your sweetheart have a penchant for all things that have to do with Christmases past, a historic Christmas look might fit the bill perfectly for your Christmas newlywed outfits. You can consider traditional Christmas attire that has to do with your heritage, or simply a time of your choosing from an era in the past. Some people like the appeal of Victorian Christmas outfits, for example, while others might enjoy the look of retro 1950s dressy Christmas outfits. The options are endless, so just choose a year or decade that you love and make your attire match for a truly unique Christmas photo.

Mr. and Mrs. Claus (Or Other Christmas Costumes)

If fun is the name of your relationship, dressing up in costume for Christmas pictures can be the perfect touch. Donning cute Mr. and Mrs. Claus suits is a classic option that is perfect for newlyweds, but there are other fun ideas, too. Consider dressing up as a pair of elves, a pair of famous cartoon Christmas or movie characters, favorite Christmas characters from books, or even as a set of your favorite Christmas cookies. This Christmas clothing idea is sure to bring smiles to anyone that sees the photos as well as build fun memories for the two of you in doing the photo session.

Matching Christmas Pajamas

A cute and fun way to take photos for newlyweds is to throw on a pair of favorite Christmas matching pajamas! Take the photo in front of your tree, mantle with stockings, or other Christmas decor. Or, you can even snuggle up on the couch with Christmas-themed pillows for a fun touch. Wear festive Christmas hats or themed socks for even more holiday festiveness with your fleece pajamas, flannel pajamas, or other matching PJs.

Classic Sunday Best

The tradition of Sunday best for Christmas pictures is an oldie, but a goodie, and doing pictures in this type of attire can be a nod to generations past as well as making a great picture. You can dress up in dress-casual outfits like a nice skirt and blouse or simple dress; guys can wear khaki pants and a button-down shirt or nice Christmas sweaters. This type of outfit is stylish but not too fussy, so it makes the perfect photo clothing.

Casual in Christmas Tees or Flannels

Casual clothing can be just as good for pictures as dressier outfits, too. A pair of matching or coordinating Christmas tee-shirts or Christmas-colored flannel shirts and some favorite pairs of jeans make a great casual Christmas photo for newlyweds. Even better, grab a great photo op in front of everyday decorations, like the giant Christmas tree at the local mall or a cute window display of wrapped presents.

Simple Outfits Under the Mistletoe

What’s more romantic than a picture of newlyweds under the mistletoe for Christmas? Whether you’re kissing or just standing and smiling under this romantic symbol, a simple outfit like a white blouse and tee and black pants can look great, and put the focus on your happiness so it shines through for the picture.

Coats, Hats, and Scarves for Cute Outdoor Appeal

Are you your sweetheart fans of the great outdoors? Consider taking a holiday photo in your winter coats, parkas, or ski jackets outside, complete with outdoor accessories like warm hats and scarves. If you enjoy a particular snow sport of activity, such as skiing, snowboarding, or outdoor ice skating, consider using some of the equipment as props for the photo.

Even if you’re not big into winter sports, you can still take an adorable picture in the great outdoors. A winter snow scene makes a perfect fun and romantic background for any newlywed holiday photo. If you live in a warm climate, no worries; you can make a faux snow scene with some spray snow and glitter for a special effect.

Perfect Newlywed Photos for Christmas

The right outfits can help elevate your holiday newlywed photos and take them from every day to extraordinary. Whether you prefer something serious and romantic of something fun and casual, there are lots of ways to express yourself and share your love during the holiday season through the perfect photos!


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