Christmas Gifts for Your Dog

Christmas Gifts for Your Dog

For many dog owners, their pet is a member of the family. (Of course, this is true for owners of other pets, as well.) Consider, for example, that in recent years, Charlie, Lucy, Max, and Lola—all human names—have been among the most popular names given to dogs, the overuse of Fido, Spot, and Rover in marketing and advertising notwithstanding. Dog owners who treat their dogs as if they were their children—their “furbabies,” so to speak—think nothing of giving them presents for their birthday and at other times of the year. With the holidays approaching, here are some suggestions for Christmas gifts for your dog.


Every dog needs a spot that is their own. Even if you allow your dog to sleep with you, they still need some place they can nap during the daytime or retreat if they are stressed. Gift your dog with a personalized dog bed. Be sure to choose one that works not only with your human décor but also with your dog’s sleep habits. If your pet likes to curl up in a ball, a round bed will suit them; however, a rectangular bed is a better fit if your doggo is a sprawler. Also, make sure that the bed has a removable, washable cover so that you can periodically clean it. Otherwise, dirt and odors will eventually start to accumulate. For that matter, it’s a good idea to have an extra cover as a backup. No matter how well trained your dog is, accidents happen.


Not every dog toy is suitable for every dog. Some dogs prefer squeaky toys; some like rubbery toys; others enjoy rope toys. Then there are the shredders and destroyers of toys. Assuming your dog is not one of the latter categories, treat your pet to a new toy for Christmas. If it turns out to be a toy they really like, you may want to stock up and keep a few extra in reserve. If your dog loves to chase tennis balls, treat yourself to a ball launcher, that is unless you enjoy throwing balls that are wet from dog slobber.

Sleep Shirt

If you and your family enjoy wearing matching family Christmas pajamas and sharing group photos, you’ll want to include your furbaby in those pictures. Treat your dog to a sleepshirt in a matching pattern. Sleepshirts come in both knit and flannel materials, making the shirts suitable for both warmer and cooler parts of the country.

If, despite your best efforts, your dog simply refuses to wear the sleepshirt, switch it out for a dog Christmas bandana. Available in the same patterns, the bandana will allow your dog to suit up when it comes to taking the matching family pajama group photo.

Christmas Treats

While you and your human family members can enjoy a hearty Christmas dinner, many people foods are unsuitable for dogs and can make them ill and even kill them. To help your pet celebrate Christmas, gift them with a few special flavorful treats. Think Santa- or snowflake-shaped frosted dog cookies or candy-cane dog chews. You can even find recipes online if you want to bake your goodies for your furbaby.


If it gets cold during winter where you live, a dog winter jacket or coat is an excellent present for your dog. Although some dogs, like Siberian huskies, are bred to handle cold weather, other dogs, such as short-hair breeds, puppies, and senior dogs, do not do well in the cold.

If your dog falls in one of these categories, the jacket will help your pet stay warm during walks outside. You may even want to add a set of dog boots for when sidewalks get icy. The boots will help keep your dog’s paws from freezing and provide traction so your pet stays upright.


If you plan on traveling with your pet during the holiday season, make sure you have the proper equipment to keep your dog safe. Dogs should never be allowed to roam loose in the car. Should you stop short or have an accident, you do not want your pet to be slammed against something and injured. Check with your vet on the best way to secure your dog safely in your vehicle. If you are traveling to visit family via plane, bus, or train, check with the company to see what their requirements are. For holiday visits, consider a festive Christmas dog carrier if you are planning on bringing your small dog. Make sure the carrier falls within the specified dimensions and that your dog can fit comfortably in there.

With so many choices available, you’re sure to find a Christmas gift for your dog that will suit your canine family member and cause him to bark with joy.

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