How To Decorate Your Bedroom for Christmas

How To Decorate Your Bedroom for Christmas

Bedrooms may not be the first place you think of when decorating for Christmas—but why not? You spend one-third of your day in the room, and you deserve to have that Christmas joy as soon as you wake up for your day! Decorating your bedroom for Christmas is easy, too. With just a few additions, your room will look festive and ready for Christmas Day.

Here’s how to decorate your bedroom for Christmas.

Swap in Festive Bedding

Christmastime is the time to swap out your all-year-round bedding. To give your bedroom that festive feel, bring out your Christmas bedding—or explore some patterns and fabrics that get you in the holiday spirit if you don’t have any in your linen closet.

First, start with holiday sheets (ideally flannel sheets to keep you nice and toasty) and holiday pillowcases. Next, put on a Christmas-themed comforter or throw blanket. To top it all off, decorate your bed with a few Christmas throw pillows. Remember to think about the color scheme when picking out the bedding for your holiday-inspired bed. You don’t want your bed to look too busy by adding too many prints and colors. Instead, stick to a general color scheme or design theme—you could try a general theme of Santa, snowflakes, or classic red and green.

Lay Out a Christmas Rug

A throw rug is an easy way to make your bedroom feel instantly Christmassy. Simply put a Christmas rug in front of your bed or right at the entrance of your bedroom. This way, you’ll be greeted with Christmas spirit as soon as you step into your bedroom. Best of all? When Christmas is over, all you have to do is roll it up and put it away until the next holiday season.

Bring in Classic Christmas Decorations

Your living room may be full of classic Christmas décor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring some of that festive spirit up to your bedroom. You can decorate your windowsill with a village of mini-Christmas houses or create a nutcracker display on your bedside table.

And for a major dose of cheer, get yourself a small Christmas tree to put in the corner of your bedroom—you can decorate it with string lights or go all out and bedeck it with ornaments, too.

Decorate With Candles

Few things say Christmas more than holiday-scented candles. Holiday scents will surely bring up festive memories that will prepare you for this Christmas.

Fill your bedroom with festive scents and fun candles. Purchase a few festive scents (Christmas tree, falling snow, gingerbread cookies—the options are endless) to place throughout your bedroom. You can light them as you’re cuddling up in bed with a book or folding laundry on a Sunday evening. Whatever you do, just be sure to blow out the candles before you fall asleep in your newly decorated bed.

Add Twinkling Lights

Star string lights, snowflake string lights, or classic string lights can all be easily found in your local Christmas décor aisle and are a great addition to any holiday-inspired bedroom. You can hang them along your headboard, windowsills, or in a corner of your room for a touch of whimsy this holiday season. They’re also functional as lighting, so you can turn them on for a warmer and cozier vibe than the overhead lights in your bedroom—a must for any festive holiday space!

Play Christmas Music

This is an easy one. Whenever you’re in your bedroom this holiday season, turn on your favorite Christmas music to dance and sing along to. You’ll instantly be met with happy memories of Christmas past, elevating your bedroom with happy holiday vibes. Enjoy your Christmas music as background for when you wrap all of those Christmas gifts, or do any of the things on your holiday to-do list. Happy music can always help take some stress away from your holiday preparations, too.

Decorating your bedroom for Christmas can be easy, fun, and joyful. This year, take some time to make your bedroom feel like a holiday oasis. And enjoy your Christmas wonderland from when you wake up until your head hits the pillow throughout the holiday season.


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