Choosing the Right Accessories for Every Occasion

Choosing the Right Accessories for Every Occasion

The right accessories can make even the most casual outfit more stylish. In addition, accessorizing your outfits is a great way to impart a personal touch to your look. Keep reading for accessory ideas for every occasion, whether you’re prepping for a teleconference, heading to a wedding, or running errands in cold weather.

For Casual Days

Whether you’re hanging out at home or taking care of a few to-do-list items around town, you can stay comfortable and look polished in women's loungewear separates. Yoga pants and joggers are comfortable pant styles that are versatile enough to wear at home, at the gym, or at the supermarket. Plus, they coordinate with all kinds of tops, including women’s T-shirts and sweatshirts.

You don’t need a lot of accessories to add flair to an athleisure outfit. A pair of gold or silver hoop earrings add adds streetwear-inspired style without looking overdone. Or skip the earrings and accessorize with a single necklace to add just enough shine to your outfit. When you’re wearing a super-casual outfit, one piece of jewelry is usually enough.  

For Zoom Meetings

Online video conferences call for a gold or silver statement necklace or an updo accented with chunky earrings. You can even layer several chains together for an on-trend look that’s also all-business. If you're wearing bold jewelry, it’s a good idea to keep your top simple. Women’s blazers pair well with women’s cotton turtlenecks and can be worn with any necklace style.

If gold or silver isn’t your style, layer several strands of beads together for a necklace with a retro-inspired style. For example, a black sweater accessorized with a grouping of jade-hued beads creates a look that’s professional yet artistic. Pearls are another option you can wear for virtually any occasion, and they come in different hues and necklace lengths to suit your preferences.

For Formal Occasions

Formal occasions such as weddings, banquets, and other events call for jewelry that’s stylish without being too flashy. Once again, you can’t go wrong with a single strand of pearls—they go with special occasion dresses, slacks and sweaters, and plenty of other dressy outfits. Diamonds, white sapphires, and cubic zirconia stones are also good for formal events or anytime a little sparkle is desired.

You can even go for colored gemstones when dressing up for a formal event. Pair a red dress with rubies or garnets, or add color to a black dress with emerald jewelry. With a rainbow of gems from which to choose, you can find a stone to match any outfit.

For Date Night

Fashion scarves are a great accessory for date night or girls’ night out. These scarves come in all kinds of colors and prints, and they can be worn with everything from tunics to turtlenecks. Create a trendy layered look with skinny jeans, calf-high boots, a tunic, and a billowy scarf on top. If you prefer to add a sparkly touch to your outfit, add a pair of dangly earrings or a stack of bangles on one or both wrists.

Fit and flare dresses are another option for date night, and they look great with almost any accessories you. Wear your fit and flare dress with a gold or silver chain necklace to accentuate the neckline, then add a cardigan or jean jacket on top for a casual touch and an extra layer of warmth.

For Cold Days

Winter accessories are a must-have when it’s cold outside. Whether it’s fall, winter, or spring, it’s a good idea to have women’s winter gloves, scarves, and one or more winter hats in your accessory collection. Speaking of hats, they come in different styles, including elegant cloche hats, ’90s-inspired bucket hats, and casual knit beanies with cute pom-pom detailing.

Match your cold-weather accessories to your coat or contrast them for a vibrant style. For example, women's wool coats in classic navy can be worn with a navy scarf, hat, and gloves—or you could choose accessories in crisp winter white or cherry red to impart a bright touch to your outerwear look. Plaid accessories also coordinate with neutral outerwear and add upscale style to the most casual outfit.

A Word About Handbags

No discussion about accessories is complete without talking about handbags. If you want a dressy bag to go with a formal outfit, opt for a leather or vegan leather clutch or small beaded bag. For casual and semi-dressy occasions, an all-purpose bag in a classic slouch style works well.

If you want a bag that goes with everything, choose black or brown. Animal-print handbags and those in bright colors make excellent accents for neutral-toned outfits, and you can match them to flat or heeled shoes in the same print or color for a perfectly coordinated style.

There aren’t any fashion rules to follow when choosing accessories, so have fun. Experiment with different jewelry pieces, scarves, and hats to find your favorite looks.


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