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How to Choose the Most Flattering Plus Size Sweaters

Warm, cozy, and stylish—nothing amps up a fall or winter outfit like a great sweater. No matter what your body shape is, there are plenty of attractive options in plus size sweaters to see you through the colder days and nights in style. Here are a few simple tips to find the most eye-catching sweaters.

Consider Sweater Length

One aspect to consider when sweater shopping is sweater length. There are varying lengths that can be flattering in different ways. Sweaters that fall at or just above the hips are one of the most versatile options. These work well with almost every body type and create a line that draws the eye vertically, creating a sleek look. Longer sweaters that fall below the hips also have a flattering effect, while women's tunic sweaters are ideal for pairing with skinny jeans and leggings for effortless, go-to outfits.

Think About Pattern and Texture

Textured sweaters add a subtle dose of style to an outfit and work well paired with tops like button-down shirts for a smart look. Patterned sweaters, ranging from classic stripes to contemporary animal prints also add flair and enhance curves. Solid-colored women's sweaters can range from playful to ready for work and can pair well with tops in similar colors for a pulled-together outfit. Texture can add a sense of luxury, too. Plus size cashmere sweaters feel soft and silky, and they also drape in an elegant way.

Choose a Flattering Neckline

There are several different types of necklines to consider when selecting a sweater. Crew neck sweaters have a smart, classy vibe, while v-necks have a slightly dressier feel. Both are equally flattering for most body types. Shawl collars provide more width at the neckline and shoulders, which can help balance the figure. Button-down sweaters add interest with their stylish buttons and have a graceful drape to complete any look.

Decide on Your Best Sweater Style

The actual style of the sweater is important when finding the perfect fit. Plus size sweater styles run the gamut, from playful and whimsical options perfect for running errands on the weekend, to elegant styles that can be dressed up, to smart and sophisticated cardigans that keep you comfortable and stylish at the office. Having a solid sweater wardrobe can help you create incredible cold-weather outfits. They are easy to layer and pair with a variety of bottoms from trousers to plus size jeans Essential sweater styles for your wardrobe include:

It's All About the Fit

The most important element in choosing flattering plus size sweater types is the fit itself. Choose quality sweaters designed with quality materials in order to ensure the best look. Select styles that fit just right; sweaters that are too big and baggy will detract from a woman's overall look, creating unnecessary bulk. A sweater that fits too tightly won't lay as nicely and won't have the same flattering appeal as one that fits correctly. Sweaters should fit comfortably without being too small or too big on your frame. Keep in mind, however, that some styles are designed with tighter or looser fits. Cardigans and many pullover styles tend to be more fitted, while tunic styles and longer button-downs may be designed with a looser, more casual fit. Long open sweaters may be slightly loose, but have a tailored look and feel that elevates an outfit.

Find Flattering Sweater Colors

The most important consideration when choosing color is to ensure it works well with skin tone and coloring. Dark sweater colors, like jewel tones, look gorgeous for fall and winter and provide a chic look. Lighter colors, however, can add a fun pop of color to brighten up those gray days. A classic white sweater is an ideal addition to any woman's wardrobe because it can be worn with almost anything. Having both neutral-colored sweaters and colored options on hand can make it easy to create different outfits.

Discover Secrets to Layering

Sweaters are made for layering. The trick to layering is to choose pieces that will enhance the overall look and work well with the sweater type. Fitted blouses with collars will work well with pullovers, while fitted tops and camis work perfectly under cardigans. Fitted tees or jersey tops are ideal when paired with looser open or button-down sweaters. Layering pieces can be in coordinating, complementary, or contrasting colors depending on the look you are going for. Coordinating or complementary color options look pulled-together and polished, and contrasting pieces have a bold impact that is perfect for occasions that call for a less subtle style. Heavyweight styles, such as women's wool sweaters, are ideal to wear over other tops, too, for style and warmth.

Whatever your style preference, you can be sure that sweaters will be your go-to style option for looking and feeling good during the cold season.


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