How to Choose the Perfect Winter Coat for Your Kids

How to Choose the Perfect Winter Coat for Your Kids

Any winter coat has but one absolute necessity: to keep your kids warm and safe in the coldest months. However, the perfect kids' winter coat has its own set of parameters. It's going to be a mix of a few very important factors, including how warm it keeps your kids and how cool it makes them feel. Check out the top things to consider when choosing the perfect winter coat for your kids.

1. The Fit

The length of the coat will depend on the temperature outside and what activity you're preparing for. Walking down windy city blocks for some window shopping or to meet up with friends? A long jacket does well to protect both the body and upper thighs. But if you're out for a snowball fight or a more active trip, a longer jacket may end up getting in the way. Go for a coat that fits snugly at the waist so that cool air doesn't find its way in.

Sleeves should be long enough to fit right around their wrist — any longer and they'll drag and pick up snow. If you have fast growers in the house, be sure to buy a jacket with Grow-A-Long™ sleeves, which you can adjust up to 1.5 additional inches. Look for jackets that have elastic on the wrist as well. This nifty feature provides yet another barrier to snow and cold air and acts as a connection point with your little one's gloves to seal out winter weather. While hoods on jackets are always helpful, be sure that you finish off any winter outfit with a fitted winter hat.

Choose a jacket that can fit their favorite kids' sweatshirt underneath, so that when they get to their destination — school, the mall, a friend's house — they can jump right into the fun with the confidence that their whole outfit is on point.

2. The Fun

Pay attention to what your child loves to do most because that'll determine what kind of jacket fits their needs the most. No matter what jacket you choose, it should be comfortable, breathable, and dynamic enough to allow for room for your kids to jump, run, and play. Of course, it should also provide them with enough protection to stay warm for longer, which lets them play all day without thinking about the weather.

Again, temperature and activity play a big part in the decision you'll make. If temperatures are super low and you expect some snowball action, turn to Squall waterproof parkas. In addition to being waterproof, they often have bungee cord-lock adjustable waists and cuffs which keep the wind out. If the kids are going sledding, be sure to send them outside with a pair of snow pants, too. One of the best parts of kids' waterproof outfits for parents? They're usually impervious to stains!

Should the plan lean more toward a wintery walk in the park on a sunny day, consider picking up a kids' insulated down alternative jacket with PrimaLoft ThermoPlume technology. They're light, comfortable, and cozy. Best yet, you can find them in all kinds of cool colors and patterns. If you live in an area that never drops below freezing, get a fleece jacket or two to keep the chill off no matter where you go. You definitely want to keep the temperature in mind at all times, because nothing brings down the fun more than being either too hot or too cold.

3. The Flair

To keep a kid's attention, you need some flair. And to be sure that your budding style star loves their coat as much as you do, search for that perfect winter jacket together. Whether you're scrolling online or strolling the aisles at the mall, that quality time will help you understand their personal preferences better, and they'll feel like they have a sense of ownership over the jacket they've chosen for themselves.

Color will probably draw your child's eye more than anything else. Some kids love bright colors, others love patterns, and others prefer a sleek and solid navy or black. Keep your kid's preferences in mind and try to steer them in the direction you want by pointing out jackets you feel confident in that also fit with their personal style. Don't know what may strike their fancy? Just ask before you start your shopping trip!

Want to up the cool factor while keeping the cold out? Find a pair of kids' gloves that match or complement the color of their winter coat. You can step it up even further by choosing a pair with a funky pattern or unexpected color choice.

Always be sure that both you and your kids are happy at the end of the day. You'll want it to be sturdy enough to stand up through winter and early spring, and stylish enough that your kids will actually want to wear it.


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