Chic Ways to Wear a Flannel Button-Down

Chic Ways to Wear a Flannel Button-Down

Flannel shirts truly never go out of style, but the way you wear such timeless wardrobe essentials really does matter if you want to be fashion-forward. To feel comfortable in something, it's important to make it work for you instead of making yourself fit its stereotype. In other words, flannels aren't just for hiking in the woods. Here are some super chic ways to wear your flannel button-down and let your sense of individuality shine:

Layer It Over a Tank or T-Shirt

A change in seasons, or even moving from daytime to nighttime, means dressing in layers. For spring and fall, take a thicker flannel and wear it over a tank top, camisole or T-shirt with the first few buttons undone. Flannels that are more lightweight are perfect for summer temps. Or, simply wear it over that ratted old T-shirt you refuse to give up but really shouldn't wear on its own.

Wear It Off Your Shoulder Like a Shawl

For a look that can be both casual and sexy, imagine a casual maxi dress that's a little too plain on its own. Taking a colorful flannel to it can give it a little extra something, as long as you don't try too hard to make it work. Just stick your arms in each sleeve and let one of the shoulders show like you're wearing a shawl. Although it probably isn't work-appropriate, it's a cool look for a concert or average night out.

Wrap It Around Your Waist

This goes hand-in-hand when you layer your flannel button-down over another shirt and want to take it off for a bit, but it is also a good look on its own. Simply wrap the unbuttoned flannel by its arms around your waist, and tie it in the front. It is a super cute look with jeggings, jeans, shorts, and even skirts and dresses. It also flatters the waist and can really bring an outfit together if you're going for that edgy type of look.

Belt It Like a Dress

If you're really daring, and if the flannel has a good amount of length, you can even wear it as a dress, with or without tights or leggings. Just belt it with any type of belt that feels right, and do your thing. Depending on the look you're trying for, you can wear it unbuttoned on top with a favorite necklace showing through, or even buttoned up all the way for a more formal flannel look.


Who said you can't wear your best jewelry with a flannel shirt and jeans? Answer: Nobody. If anything, a flannel could use a little help now and then. Roll up those sleeves and throw on some bracelets that sparkle, or some leather cuffs. Rock a pearl necklace like it's 1952. The world is your oyster.

Wear It Like a Tunic

Not only is this an ultra-comfortable way to wear your flannel button-down, but it can also be work-appropriate if the flannel is long enough. Simply throw on a pair of your favorite jeggings or corduroy leggings and let it drape over your frame. Of course, you can also grab a belt to make it more form-fitting around the waist or even match it with heels for a night on the town. The sky's the limit.

Pair It With a Leather Skirt

Opposites attract. Pairing a rugged flannel with a chic, tight leather skirt couldn't sound more contradictory, but when you see it together with some cute leather booties, you'll wonder why you never thought of it sooner. Make sure the flannel isn't too big, however, or it will take over the entire look. Either tuck it into the skirt or unbutton the bottom three buttons and tie the opposite ends together for a cropped look.

Find a Vivid Pair of Shoes to Match

Flannel shirts come in so many more colors than they did just a couple of decades ago, and the good thing about it is that no color combination is off-limits. Pick one of the most vivid colors in your shirt and pair it with the same color shoe to make a statement. Whether hot pink, purple, red, or orange, nothing is off-limits.

Tie It Up

If you have curves, don't be afraid to let them show. By unbuttoning the last two or three buttons of your flannel and tying the ends together in a little knot, you're showing that you have a figure instead of hiding under a baggy shirt. Pair it with some high-rise jeans that flatter your figure, and you're good to go.


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