Chic Ways to Style Pants This Winter

Chic Ways to Style Pants This Winter

As the temperature continues to drop this winter, you may be tempted to move different styles and articles of clothing to the back of your closet. These are the sun dresses and tank tops, the shorts and sandals—the clothes you forget about for now and set aside for warmer weather. Do you feel like you have no use for your cropped pants on snowy days? Do you fold up your wide-legged linen pants and stash them away with your summer wardrobe? Not so fast! Get ready to reincorporate those looks and more this winter—we’re here to tell you how! Though the weather outside may be frightful, you can keep your style delightful with these tips on how to wear nearly any pant style, no matter the elements!

Can You Wear Cropped Pants During the Winter Months?

Absolutely! With the right layers and accessories, any look is possible. Worried about cold ankles? Wear your favorite cropped pants with some thick warm socks and boots to keep your ankles warm. A pair of cute and colorful, thick wool socks peeking out between your ankle boots and your cropped pants’ hemline can be both cute and chic. Alternatively, you could wear a pair of thick tights under your cropped pants and pair them with some cute ballet flats or loafers. Pair either of these looks with a tucked-in blouse and peacoat for a smart and professional office-ready style. If you need to make this outfit warmer for, say, your walk from the train to the office, you can easily wear a snug pair of cropped long underwear or even capri-length yoga pants under your cropped pants as well. It's one way to stay sophisticated and cozy!

How Can I Stay Warm in My Favorite Wide-Legged Pants This Winter?

A fun and elegant pant style, the super wide-leg pant is probably an article of clothing you associate with the warmer and sunnier months of spring and summer. They are loose-fitting and breezy, making them a no-brainer choice for warm and balmy days. These pant styles, however, can be easily transitioned from summer to winter. This style is perfect for layering and, with just a few tweaks, can effortlessly be worn in cold weather as well! Similar to the cropped pant, these wide-legged pants also look great with a pair of cute leather ankle boots. As with the cropped pants, to keep your legs nice and warm, just layer underneath with a pair of tights or fitted exercise pants. Wear your wide-legged pants with an oversized knitted cable sweater and a monochromatic women’s scarf for a cozy but chic outfit. Keep your wide-legged pants’ hemline off the slushy snowy ground by pairing this look with a pair of platform sneakers or boots. You'll stay hip and keep dry!

Can I Even Wear My Favorite Denim Jeans Outside This Winter?

Just layer-up and you’re good to go! We suggest pairing your favorite jeans with smart wool socks and then tucking them into your best knee-length boots to keep your calves and ankles warm. Plus, it preserves the hemline of your fave jeans. Wear with a cozy sweater and a long winter coat.

Can I Make Weather-Proof Pants Stylish Too?

Outerwear like ski pants are usually worn for one purpose and one purpose only—to keep you warm and dry. But can these articles be incorporated into a chic and fashionable multi-purpose outfit? We think they so. You can absolutely make your snow gear and outerwear stylish. Find a pair of solid-colored, slightly fitted ski pants (a light color like white or beige really class-up this look) and pair them with a black leather jacket and black boots for a wind-proof, snow-friendly look that’s super comfortable, too!

Corduroy—A Classic Cold Weather Choice

Fall and winter were made for this timeless and distinctive textile. The soft raised cords of this fabric act as almost a second layer to help keep you warm. Wear a pair of corduroy pants with your favorite cozy sweater, or class it up for the office or a night out with a dress shirt and blazer.

Can I Just Wear My Sweatpants? It Is Wintertime After All...

You absolutely can! Again, styling different pant designs is all about the right paring and accessorizing. For this look, you’ll want to grab a pair of black or gray, straight-legged cotton sweats (darker colors work best for pulling off this look). Then, just throw on a posh silky blouse with a long , elegant necklace and sleek jacket, and you’re ready to head out the door! Add a pair of heels and you have a truly modish winter style for running errands or heading into the office.


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