Chic Styles for Labor Day Weekend

Chic End-of-Summer Styles for Labor Day Weekend

As summer comes to a close and our busy fall schedules approach, there’s still time for some end-of-summer fun. Wrap up the season with a Labor Day bash, whether you’re hosting or attending. Make it one to remember (and one you’ll want to keep in the photo album) for years to come. Dress to impress with breezy summer blouses, dresses, shorts, and more. Depending on the occasion, get ready to layer up or down with cardigans, cover-ups, swimsuits, shoes, and sandals.

Breezy Summer Fun: Dresses and Blouses for Picnics and BBQs

The backyard get-together is a classic end-of-summer celebration. Are you headed over to a friend’s house for lunch? Or maybe you’re all meeting for a fun game day at the park with backyard games like badminton or the midwestern favorite: cornhole. No matter the occasion, we have your back.

If it’s a nice sunny day, dress up in a loose blouse with shorts or a breezy summer dress. Pair your blouse with cotton or Bermuda shorts for a comfy, casual look. Prefer more coverage that will still keep you cool? Try out a pair of yoga pants. Add the finishing touch to the whole look with sandals, cute slip-on shoes, or ballet flats.

The Party Isn’t Over: Jeans and Cardigans for Outdoor Movie Night

If you’re one of the lucky ones (or one of your friends is) with a beautiful backyard patio, decked out with lights, a campfire, and more, you might be hosting or attending a movie night or outdoor dinner. Bring thin layers that are perfect for holding in just the right amount of warmth and keeping the nighttime chill away. Cardigans and sweaters are a chic layer to add to your daytime outfit. Swap your sandals for shoes for a little extra protection from the cold and dew. In addition, change out your shorts for women’s jeans or leggings.

Attending a themed dinner? All white for Labor Day can be a fun end-of-summer theme (especially if you stick to the rule of “no white after Labor Day”). Take a look at our selection of dresses, shirts, and pants to look the part from head to toe.

Did Someone Say Beach Day: Swimsuits, Sandals, and Cover-Ups

Let’s talk about everyone’s number one beach day or pool party necessity: your bag or canvas tote. Carry everything you need, from beach towels to an extra change of clothes. Speaking of a change of clothes, don’t be afraid to prepare for a whole day at the beach with extra layers and a change of sandals or shoes. If the day goes late and turns into a bonfire on the shore, you’ll be prepared.

Find the right swimsuit, so you can step into the water with confidence. We have a large selection of swimsuits and comfy cover-ups designed to fit everyone. If you prefer plus-size swim dresses that can easily transition from relaxing under an umbrella to swimming, we have you covered. Add the finishing touches to your outfit with water shoes, sunglasses, and a sun hat.

Camping at the Lake: Sweaters, Shoes, and Backpacks

Going camping or spending a day at the lake for Labor Day? Pack everything you need in a backpack or bag, so you’re prepared for hiking, boating, or just sitting around the campfire. Long pants and long sleeves can be a lifesaver if you’re out in nature. Throw on a comfy women’s sweater with your favorite pair of sturdy shoes and head out on the trail. Bring along a change of clothes, swimsuit, and sandals so you can stay comfortable even after taking a dip in the lake. Put on your favorite jacket as temps start to drop later at night.

Tie It All Together: Prints, Patterns, and Accessories

And finally, show off some personality with stripes, polka dots, bright colors, and florals. This will be one of the last times of the year where you’ll be in a floral mood (probably), so go big and savor that summer feeling. Besides celebrating summer, you can also show off your sense of style and personal taste with floral, polka dot, or striped dresses, shirts, and pants. Choose one to be your statement piece.

You can easily take your outfit from “day at the beach” to “night out,” just with the right accessories. Elevate your outfit with a leather belt, jewelry, and a nice bag. Brighten up the look with a sun hat and sunglasses. Either way, you can pull it all together with accessories like scarves, hats, belts, bags, and even masks.

From a cozy backyard get-together to a bright sunny day on the beach, we have the clothing, shoes, and accessories you need to have fun and look your best this Labor Day weekend.

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