6 Chic Outfits for Your Fall Vacation

6 Chic Outfits for Your Fall Vacation

Fall is almost here, and we’re beginning to plan our autumn getaways to enjoy the season to the fullest. One of the best parts about traveling is filling our women’s weekender bag with some of our chicest and coziest outfits that are perfect for the fall.

Autumn is one of the best times to go on vacation because, depending on your location and preference, the temperatures are either perfectly balmy or cozy and crisp. Enjoy the great outdoors, apple picking, the changing leaves, and ideal weather on your fall vacation. Whether you’re leaf-peeping in New England or exploring New Orleans, you’ll want to be sure you have your chic vacation wardrobe packed for your fall getaway. When packing, remember to think stylish, comfortable, versatile, and practical. Here are our top chic outfit ideas for your fall vacation.

Cabincore Flannel

Cabincore—the new cottagecore—calls for a rugged and rustic chic look. Wear a flattering pair of skinny jeans with a flannel shirt for women and a sleek, sophisticated pair of leather riding boots for a classic cabincore look. This chic outfit is perfect for heading out west, leaf peeping and apple picking in Vermont, or enjoying the changing colors in the Rocky Mountains. If you’re going on vacation to a destination that is known for its rustic flair, this outfit will easily take you from daytime and into the evening.

City Chic

Fall in the city is amazing. There’s even a famous song singing the praises of autumn in New York City. Heading to one of the world’s many great cities for a fall getaway is the perfect trip for the season. Cooler temperatures make daytime less sweltering, and—let’s be honest—fall fashion was basically made for strutting through the city. If you’re headed off to a city this autumn, be sure to bring along some city chic looks to wear around town.

We love the look of a pair of high-waist, wide-leg slacks with an asymmetrical wrap top and a long trench coat. Pull out your heeled booties and wear them with any city chic outfit to add some height and streamline to whatever you’ve got on. Or, wear boyfriend jeans with an oversized crop sweater for the perfect city-chic look. We also love the look of a midi skirt for fall in the city. Wear with boots, a cashmere sweater, and a leather jacket for a casually elegant look.

Night on the Town

Regardless of where you’re going this fall, you’re going to probably want to have one or more fun nights on the town. Definitely pack at least one dress. Dresses are an easy fallback and can be styled in many ways, so you look stylish from day to evening. For a night on the town, bring something a little more dazzling. We love the classic black dress, which is perfect for fall month. Choose a body-hugging knit black midi dress and wear it with a pair of heeled boots and a leather jacket for a chic look yet not over the top. This outfit is versatile, easy to pack, and seamless to style in additional ways for both daywear and nighttime.

Boho Chic

Boho chic isn’t just for those steamy, flower-filled summer months. It’s also the perfect casual vacation style for your fall holiday. Think loose-fitting, airy, flowy, and earthy for your holiday boho-chic look. Opt for earth-colored maxi dresses for women worn with ankle booties and a thick leather waist belt, and topped off with an oversized cardigan, chunky knit, statement kimono, or leather jacket. This boho-chic ensemble looks good everywhere, be it country, cabin, city, cottage, or chalet.

Beach Babe

Some of us are lucky enough to escape to a beach this fall. Whether it’s some tropical island or the Pacific coast, you’ll want to be sure you have the right beach vibe look for your holiday. Take your cover-up to the next level this holiday by wearing something especially stylish and chic.

We love the look of cotton gauze or chiffon kaftan for pulling over your swimsuit after a day on the beach to head over to the boardwalk bar or relax with family and friends. Luckily, the kaftan is stylish everywhere, not just on the beach. Wear it with sandals and a swimsuit or with boots and a jacket depending on where you are this fall. Kaftans have been wildly trendy the last few years, and no wonder—kaftans are comfortable, stylish, effortless, and versatile. Definitely add one to your fall vacation wardrobe for an easy chic look.

Laid-back Chic

Wherever you’re going, be sure to take laid-back chic with you. You are on vacation, after all, and should be chilling and relaxing as well as exploring and adventuring. Bring along your favorite women’s loungewear that’s perfect for fall. Matching knit loungewear sets have become so trendy you can wear them almost everywhere, not just while you’re on the couch. Wear while relaxing, out exploring, having breakfast, or doing just about anything else.

Get ready for your fall vacation by packing your bags with some chic and stylish outfits to enjoy and make the most of your holiday while wearing.


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