3 Chic Outfits to Pack for Your Autumn Getaway

3 Chic Outfits to Pack for Your Autumn Getaway

Autumn is the perfect time to plan a vacation to get away from the daily and get out into the world. Who doesn't want to take a little time in nature? Especially when the leaves are an explosion of yellow, gold, and red. Talk about the best background for a photoshoot ever. Even if you're not outright camping, driving through the woods during the fall is a glorious experience and can inspire us all to remember the simple pleasures in life.

Maybe your ideal fall getaway will be watching the leaves drop from the warmth and comfort of a cabin in the woods by the lake. Before you get to the getaway spot, you'll want to pack a few essentials to arrive in style. Without sacrificing style for comfort and utility, we've elected a handful of items that we believe will make or break your trip. So grab your travel luggage because we're setting you up for the ideal autumn trip.

Warm Clothing to Keep You Cozy

First, you can't leave home this time of year without your women's fleece jacket because without it you risk being chilly. We all know that fleece is a must-have because it's not only cute and cozy, but it keeps you warm even on crisp fall nights. It can be an underlayer, but it can also be your jacket.

On top of the fleece, we recommend the fleece's ultimate companion - the women's down vest. We promise you will love your puffy vest for the heat aspect and comfort of the puff. It serves not only to keep you looking chic but super warm! When your core is warm, the rest of your body has better access to heat and can circulate this warmth more quickly.

To go with these warm tops, you will want a solid bottom. The ultimate fall item has to be the classic black legging. It will get you through all kinds of autumn weather and pair with almost anything. And you want to feel like you're in your pajamas the whole trip while looking put together. A black legging will get you there. Leggings pair perfectly with a sweater dress and serve up chic vibes. You'll be warm while looking fashion-forward.

Top off the outfit with any of our scarves for women; you can bring a variety of scarves and use different ones each night to switch up your look. While the core is a vital aspect of the body to keep warm, the back of the neck is right up there; it should always be protected when there is cool weather.

Accessorize Your Fall Trip

Socks might not sound chic, but have you ever tried to look good when you're cold? It's much more challenging. We recommend packing tons of women's socks in case your feet get wet and you need a spare pair. You'll have them ready. Slide your feet into some stylish boots, as these will be not only fashionable but functional. And that way, if there is any precipitation, your feet will stay nice and dry.

Among other items, you will need accessories to make your outfits pop. Packing a pair of sunglasses will be necessary; it's not summer anymore, but the sun can still be powerful. You're going to want to keep shades available. Pack a big side bag to carry the day's worth of what you'll need to bring along your adventures.

Other accessories will include a few hats, one for cold weather and another as a fashion hat. Weather can be unpredictable in the fall, so we recommend bringing an umbrella and your favorite fashionable rain boots.

Comfy Clothes? Check!

After a long day of fun, it's time to put on a pair of comfort-chic clothing. We recommend a cashmere turtleneck and corduroy leggings. And yes, we're counting these as one of the chic outfits. Because looking good while you're feeling at ease in the soft fabric will put you in your most relaxed state.

Now for the reward of looking through your phone's photo album to see all the stunning photographs you took of yourself, your crew, and the incredible foliage. Certain apps on your phone can dim the blue light on your phone so that looking through photos will be less likely to keep your brain active and awake longer than you want.

When it comes to your perfect autumn getaway, a big part of your experience will be how you feel. If you pack all the items we've listed here, you'll be comfortable and look chic on your fall getaway.


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