Sweaters for Every Color of The Rainbow

Sweaters for Every Color of The Rainbow

This year, stock your closet with women’s sweaters in a rainbow of colors! Your wardrobe will never be short of radiant and your outfits will brighten up every day. Toss aside your dull black and white sweaters and go for something a little more colorful this season.

A Sweater for Any Occasion

There are seven colors in the rainbow and seven days in a week, just like all the different colored sweaters you can have for any day or mood. Coincidence? We think not. The weather outside may be frightful, but your closet is so delightful with a rainbow of colors. We’ll be looking at all the different ways that each color in the rainbow can change your mood and pump up your style. Each color has its own special meaning, and we have a special sweater in each color to help inspire your mood for the day.


Red provokes some of the most intense emotions out of any other color in the rainbow. Shrouding yourself in reds and pinks can invoke feelings of overall optimism that naturally energize you. Keep a similarly hued cardigan by the door when you need a pick-me-up. Work a few into your power wardrobe as needed. Try our women’s cashmere turtleneck sweater in rich red with white pull-on tapered pants. Our cashmere has been taken to a new level of heaven, combed from the finest cashmere goats in Mongolia. You’ll love the feel of the soft, lush 2-ply cashmere and the look of the rich red that will make you feel just as confident as you are comfortable.


Have you ever peeled an orange, breathed deeply, and felt just kind of … well, happier? The color has the same effect. Call to mind the last time you watched the sunrise paint the early morning sky … you’re smiling, aren’t you? If smelling it and envisioning it has the power to brighten your mood, just think how happy you’ll be when you’re wearing it. Orange and corals may be totally new to you. If so, introduce it to your wardrobe by way of a cozy turtleneck sweater paired with a solid A-line skirt that falls just below the knee. The soft yarns will help ease you into your soon-to-be-favorite color. Trust us.

Many think that orange can be a challenging color to wear. It can be seen as way too bright and overwhelming, but with the way that our cranberry orange sweaters shine, you’ll be the center of attention without feeling like a pumpkin. Grab one of our women’s cotton drifter shaker doubled crewneck sweaters with a striped yoke in cranberry. It’s made of 100% pure, ring-spun cotton. Because it’s shaped for an exceptional fit and knitted with directional stitching that’s flattering for every kind of body, it’s so easy to pair with chinos or dark wash women’s jeans. Your orange sweater will be your go-to sweater when you need to add a dose of joy to your day. If you love this orange cotton sweater, take a look at all of our women’s cotton sweaters.


Do you remember that yellow light bulb that used to appear over cartoon characters’ heads when they got a good idea? Little did you know at the time, but the color yellow actually inspires good ideas as well as cheerfulness. So, throw on an Atlas Yellow Drifter Sweater and lighten up the team’s overall mood by welcoming giggles to the 9:00 a.m. brainstorming session. A bit of fun will allow ideas to flow more freely.

Have fun with a women’s cotton modal sweater vest in maize. The yellow color of this sweater will make you look and feel warm and bright inside and out. This vest pairs well with ripped jeans for a bit of contrast of polished meets edgy. It’s made from 60% cotton and 40% modal, a performance yarn blend that ensures pill-free softness and lasting color. This means your yellow will stay bright and remind you of the sun every time you throw it on.


Green was put on this earth to bring us back to it. For the months when escaping into the Northwoods isn’t an option, let an Antique Spruce Duster Cardigan wrap you like moss on a fallen log. This is a color that is sure to nourish your soul with pleasing tranquility. For a little more coziness in your life, go for the cotton cardigan sweater for women in emerald gulf heather. Green is also associated with luck, so you can make this green cardigan your new lucky sweater. It’s made from 100% cotton, so it’s soft like Sundays and made to fight the Monday blues. If you love these green cardigans, be sure to check out all of our women’s cardigans.

Blue and Indigo

So even though we call it “the blues,” blue is one of the most calming colors out there. The most universally soothing colors out there call themselves blue. Try it in an Indigo Slate Heather Sweater Dress, or for a style that gently edges you toward a more rustic flair, go with a Deep-Sea Quilted Barn Jacket. No matter how you wear it, you’re sure to feel totally at peace while doing so. Stay warm during the cool-weather months with one of our women’s cashmere cardigan sweaters in cloudy blue heather Donegal. This everyday luxury is made from 100% luxurious, 2-ply cashmere. Blue is also associated with productivity, so it’s the perfect sweater to wear when you need to buckle down and focus.


Or is it better in burgundy? Worn by royalty throughout the ages, purple tones are associated with empowerment and good judgment. I mean, who couldn’t use a little more of that in their life? This winter, let a Deep Claret Sherpa Fleece Jacket takes its rightful place in your closet with the rest of your fleece lineup. Give your violet sweater an upgrade with our women’s cotton-blend split-neck tunic sweater in cranberry. It’s not your typical turtleneck tunic. It’s a split turtleneck with a cozy waffle knit, while the sleeves, hem, and neck are rib knit. Wear it with high-rise jeans or leggings whenever you need a purple sweater to spark your imagination.

No matter the mood or the occasion, with a sweater in every color in your wardrobe, you’ll be all set for whatever the day brings. Our sweaters from red to violet will have you looking and feeling stylishly cozy all season long.


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