Tips for Celebrating New Year's Eve at Home with Your Dog

Tips for Celebrating New Year's Eve at Home with Your Dog

Don’t you love a New Year’s Eve at home with your furry friend? It’s low-key, relaxing, and fun. Whether it’s just the two of you this year or your dog is joining your at-home party, you are sure to have a great time. Let’s look at some tips to make the evening more fun and safer for both of you as you ring in the New Year.

Keep the Dog Food Safe and Familiar

Your furry buddy will appreciate his regular food. Okay, maybe add in a little meat if you would like or a special dog treat, but don’t go wild with a New Year’s Eve menu for your dog. Fido (and his tummy) will not appreciate rich foods. If you have others over for the evening, make sure to let them know what limits the dog has with respect to food.

Also, watch out for well-intentioned but uneducated people don’t try to give your dog anything harmful like chocolate or alcohol. If there are any stupid human tricks that take place in your home on New Year’s Eve, you don’t want them to hurt your dog. Help him to make it into the new year healthy and happy.

Go for a Walk

Enjoy an afternoon or early evening walk with your buddy. You will both benefit from the exercise and fresh air and keeping his schedule as normal as possible will be comforting to him if there is extra hubbub either in your home or from neighbor noises.

This is probably not the time to try out that new dog park or a new walking path. Leave those for another day when everything else is “normal.” Stick to your regular route. This routine will be peaceful for both of you. If the weather is frightful, make sure that you both bundle up. A warm winter coat and a warm dog hoodie or dog coat will keep the two of you cozy. If you live in a cold climate, watch out for slippery ice and snow.

Settle in Early

This is one of the best parts of celebrating New Year’s Eve with your dog! If he is your trusty companion for the evening, why not plan a movie marathon with some of your favorites? No negotiating over titles will be necessary. You will be in charge of the DVDs or the streaming account and the remote for the evening! Maybe a favorite book and a glass of wine or a cup of tea would be a lovely and peaceful alternative. Whatever you choose, make sure some snuggles are included in the evening’s plans. You and your dog both need attention.

It’s best not to be out walking your dog when people are likely to be partying and perhaps driving intoxicated, so make sure to go early if you go out for anything other than a bio break for your pooch. Leave the loud noises and potentially unsafe environment to others. You can enjoy the evening with your furry friend in your warm, cozy home. If you have an at-home party, getting his regular routine and walk in early will help him to be more relaxed for the rest of the evening and any extra activity that it brings. Your buddy will appreciate his dog bed more than ever on New Year’s Eve just like you will appreciate that cozy throw blanket on a cold winter’s night.

Consider a Thunder Shirt

If you have neighbors who are known for extra noise on New Year’s Eve (fireworks, shouting, or loud music) make sure that your dog will feel secure. Hugs from you, a thunder shirt, or even hanging out with some white noise for a while are all options. Spending some time in your laundry room with the dryer running can provide both extra warmth and sound insulation. The people may know it’s New Year’s Eve, your furry friend just wants things to be normal.

Post a Fun Pic on Social Media

Of course, you will need to send a cute photo of your dog to your friends and family! Whether you go all out with a fun new outfit or costume for him or just catch that adorable furry face in a cute pose, take advantage of the opportunity to wish everyone a happy New Year. Make sure to include both of you in the photo. They will want to see your smiling face, too. If you have friends or family members who are “less digital,” consider sending them the pic by email or snail mail. Everyone will love a photo of you and your dog.

However you choose to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home with your dog, keep it safe (and fun!) for both of you.

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