5 Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Summer in 2021

5 Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Summer in 2021

Summer has a way of sneaking up on us in the best way. In the middle of winter, it feels like those sunny days and hot summer nights might never return. And then, before you know it, it’s time to start planning beach days and stocking up on sunscreen again. Just as summer tends to get here before we know it, it can also be over in the blink of an eye if we don’t make an effort to really enjoy it to the fullest. That’s why we think you should kick off summer with a bang, starting with the very first day.

This year, the first day of summer is Sunday, June 20th. There are plenty of ways you can celebrate and mark the official start of this special season. Read on for some ideas that are sure to inspire you to start summer off on the right sandal.

Head to a Park Picnic

The start of summer means it’s officially outdoor dining season, so what better way to spend the first summer Sunday than with a park picnic. Planning a picnic is easy, just like all summer activities should be. Start by coordinating with a few friends or family members to pick a time and plan and to plan a menu. Determine who will bring the apps, who will handle the mains, and who should bring desserts and drinks. As the picnic organizer, plan on being the one to bring eco-friendly tableware and a blanket or a few beach towels for everyone to lounge on.

From there, all you need to do is throw on your favorite summer dress in a fun summer-themed nautical print like sailboats or the beach. Remember to bring an extra layer like a cardigan and a sun hat in case there’s still some spring weather unpredictability lingering in the air.

Enjoy a Beach Day

Spending the first day of summer at the beach means you’re truly doing it right. If you don’t have a beach nearby, the same tips here totally apply to your local lake, creek, or pool. Gather a few friends or family members, pack up your beach bag and head out for a day of water activities and sunbathing. Definitely save room in your bag for that beach read you’ve been wanting to dive into forever.

When dressing for the first beach, lake, or pool day of the season, definitely opt for sun protective swimwear like a high-neck ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) 50 sun protection tankini top paired with your favorite bottoms or a pair of breezy UPF 50 sun protection swim cover-up pants.

Rocking swimwear with a high UPF will mean you can focus on enjoying the day rather than worrying about sun damage. Plus, no one wants to kick off summer with a bad sunburn!

Throw a Backyard BBQ

It wouldn’t be summer without the joy of backyard BBQs, so planning one for that very first day of the season is a great way to get the ball (or in this case, the hamburger bun) rolling. This is also a great plan because the day falls on a Sunday, so you can guarantee that your guests will be in great weekend spirits. Plus, this is the perfect opportunity to debut your cutest summer-themed print women’s polo shirt and linen shorts or crop pants as you host family and friends to tasty eats, umbrella drinks, and backyard activities.

Aim to send an email invite a few weeks in advance since we all know that people tend to get booked fast in the summer. Get everyone excited for the event by really leaning into that summer theme, so decide in advance if you want to go for a certain vibe, like nautical or tiki!

Explore Nature on a Hike

Early summer is the best time for a long hike, which is why this definitely makes the list of the top ways to spend June 20th this year. While late summer hikes are still fun and rewarding, they can also be simply too hot. June hikes will bring that sunshine you’re craving but will likely also feature a lovely lingering spring breeze, so definitely consider hitting the trail to celebrate the first day of summer.

Pack your backpack with essentials like a reusable water bottle, extra sunscreen, a foldable hat, and, of course, plenty of snacks, and get ready to ring in the season right alongside Mother Nature.

These are just a few outdoorsy activities you can plan for the first day of summer this year! No matter how you end up spending the day, we hope that it leaves you feeling excited and ready for the season ahead.

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