How to Celebrate Earth Day Virtually in 2021

How to Celebrate Earth Day Virtually in 2021

Taking care of the Earth is more important than ever. Even if it’s not possible to gather in groups to celebrate and help the planet, virtual opportunities can make a difference! Use these ideas and discover how you can celebrate Earth Day virtually in 2021.

Take on Online Pledge to Help the Planet

You can make a commitment virtually to help our world with the click of a mouse and a little effort! Look for ways to pledge that are close to your heart. Existing programs and groups have pledges that you can join in on, or you can create your own and invite others using online platforms. The pledge you make can be as simple or complex as you like. Maybe it’s just a commitment to using less water or energy in your home every day, or maybe it’s pledging to support a sustainable lifestyle in more challenging ways. Whatever it is, joining an online pledge can help you stay on track toward what you want to do and help you feel like more of a community with others who care about the planet, too.

Show Off Your Efforts to Help the Earth via Video

Maybe a cleanup effort involving a massive group is out of the question, but doing good for the planet on a smaller scale is safe and workable. If your family or other small group makes efforts to celebrate Earth Day by helping keep the planet cleaner, show off your work by taking videos of the event and sharing them online. Throw on your favorite comfy sweats and get ready to go! Whether it’s helping clean up a local park, helping a group or organization set up a recycling program, or spreading the word about ways to reduce waste and conserve energy, sharing helps other people get involved and makes it more fun.

Share Your Support of Sustainable Businesses

No matter how much people love the Earth, the fact is that humans are natural consumers. From necessities such as food, fuel, shelter, and clothing, to fun things like entertainment and novelties, buying products and services is a part of everyday life. Celebrate Earth Day and make a longer-lasting commitment to better the planet by supporting sustainable and eco-friendly businesses. Choose household items made from recycled materials or created using sustainable processes. Pick eco-friendly packaging for everyday goods and food items. Shop in bulk to reduce packaging waste, or support small businesses that have made big efforts toward saving our planet.

From jewelry and handbags to bed sheets and dishes, you can find many eco-friendly options today. Choosing to buy items from companies that have high quality means you will buy things less often, too. Choose durable, quality brands for everything from backpacks to winter coats. Make the most of your choices by sharing about these businesses, too, whether by email, social media, or other virtual efforts.

Get Creative With Online Messaging

You can use messaging virtually to share your love of the planet and celebrate Earth Day, too. Add some fun slogans or banners on your social media platforms, website, or email signature to celebrate the day and add awareness to efforts that help the planet.

Have a Virtual Earth Day Trivia Contest

Where did the idea of Earth Day begin, anyway? If you want to have some fun, spread awareness, and test the knowledge of your friends and family members this Earth Day, consider hosting a virtual Earth Day trivia contest. Set up an invite on your favorite video chat platform, gather Earth Day trivia questions, and get ready for some fun. You can use an online tool, input the questions, and allow guests to answer electronically, or just go low-tech and have people call out the answer or see who can raise their hand first to answer. Consider keeping track of points and sending the winner an Earth Day prize.

Turn Off Your Tech, Together

It may sound counterintuitive, but your virtual Earth Day celebration can be done without the tech. All tech costs money and energy to run, and people rely more on its constant usage than ever before. Commit to using less energy by designating a time period or periods to turn it off. Plan this in advance (you’ll still need to have your tech on, of course!), and set it up with friends and family members. By choosing a certain time to turn off your tech together, you can celebrate Earth Day, help preserve our planet, and be together in your hearts. Who knows — you might just pick up a new hobby or discover a new interest once you’ve separated yourself from your virtual world.

Celebrate Earth Day Virtually and Make a Real Difference

Though it may be a little less traditional, celebrating Earth Day virtually can be done in many fun and meaningful ways. Use your creativity to show your heart for the Earth and make every day a better one for the planet. By pulling together and celebrating Earth Day together virtually, people around the world can stay safe and support the planet we all call home.

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