Celebrate All Moms This Mother’s Day

Celebrate all Moms this Mother’s Day

Mom. It’s the single word at the heart of so many things we do here at Lands’ End. After all, we’re moms, too. We’re moms of every shape and size from a variety of generations and diverse cultures. We’re single moms. We’re married moms, gay moms, and straight moms. We’re dads who pull double duty as moms. We’re stepmoms, birth moms, future moms, and those who wish we could be moms. And each year we are unified as mothers and drawn together by the shared experience that is Mother’s Day. In honor of this beautiful occasion, we’d love to inspire you to celebrate mom by sharing with you a few of our favorite Mother’s Day traditions.

Where to Find the Best Mother’s Day Parade

Surprisingly enough, the best Mother’s Day parade could very well be taking place at your house this year. That’s the pleasant surprise one of our favorite Lands’ End moms received on her first Mother’s Day as a new parent many years ago. Now the Mother’s Day parade has become an annual event everyone looks forward to. The first Mother’s Day “parade” was nothing more than a spur of the moment, baby-led conga line through the living room. Today her family honors her by going all out. They dress to impress in cool “mom”ogrammed Lands’ End mesh polos. Siblings, kids, grandma and grandpa, even the neighbors gather together to decorate their cars. Then with a little honking and a whole lot of smiles, they make their way around the block to kick off mom’s special day.

When to Start a Mother’s Day Tradition

Feel free to start a Mother’s Day tradition absolutely anytime you see fit. Whether this is your first Mother’s Day or you’ve been at it for several decades, it’s never too late. Mother’s Day is our annual reminder to cherish our moms. While this year’s Mother’s Day will absolutely have its own set of unique planning challenges, this is still the perfect year to begin a Mother’s Day tradition. Given the circumstances, celebrating at home might be the best way to go. This may mean you’ll be unable to get together with your favorite moms. However, with a little creativity, the solution can be simpler than you think. Granted, throwing on an ultra-soft Supima tee and heading out with the moms to begin a luxurious spa day tradition probably isn’t realistic right now. Likewise, a fancy dinner at her favorite restaurant may not be on the agenda. However, this is probably the best year ever to begin a new virtual Mother’s Day tradition. After all, Mother’s Day isn’t canceled. As a matter of fact, the sentiment behind Mother’s Day is probably more meaningful this year than ever before.

How to Create a Special Delivery for Mother’s Day

During her first year as a member of the Lands’ End team, one mom wanted to surprise her mother with a hand-delivered gift. But of course, anyone could manage that. She needed something that would take her gift to the next level. She wanted the delivery to be extra-special. So she thoughtfully created a comfy cardi set out of a Lands’ End cardigan and u-neck t-shirt. She knew her mom would love it. The next step in her plan was to deliver the gift and a Mother’s Day card. But first, she took the time to carefully decorate her mom’s doorstep. She even dressed the front door of her mom’s house with a beautiful spring-inspired wreath. What a fun surprise. It’s become an annual gift the whole neighborhood gets to enjoy seeing each May.

How to Share Your Mother’s Day With Us

We’d love to be included in your Mother’s Day fun. Tell us what sort of unique Mother’s Day traditions you love to celebrate. You can share them with us via Instagram or Facebook by tagging @landsend.


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