Casual Summer Dresses for Over 60

Best Casual Summer Dresses for Women Over 60

Summer is the best time to break out your favorite dresses! From walks on the beach to nights out with friends or family, there’s a perfect dress for every occasion and for every woman. No matter your age, you can find the right dress for your casual summer outings. While it can get harder to shop as we get older, it doesn’t have to. This summer, find casual dresses that have you feeling and looking your best — all season long. For women 60 and up, here are some tips for the best casual dresses you’ll wear again and again this summer.

Comfort Is Key

For everyone over 60 (and for anyone who loves feeling and looking their best), comfort is so important in choosing the right dress. As we get older, our bodies change and so do our needs, and the clothes we once wore might not work for us anymore. Luckily for us though, comfort and style aren’t mutually exclusive. For the summer months, go for fabrics that breathe and promote long wearability, even in extreme temperatures. Linens, chambray, or cotton dresses are ideal for the hottest days of the year. In many varying styles, lengths, and necklines, you’re sure to find casual dresses that are comfortable and cute at the same time. Don’t sacrifice style or comfort — find the perfect middle ground with both.

Different Lengths

Casual dresses are so versatile — you can find one for every occasion or event! Colors, designs, and patterns are all customizable to your personal style, but don’t forget lengths! A maxi dress is the perfect outfit for staying cool, chic, and comfortable on hot summer days that fade into long summer nights. Midi dresses are also great for women over 60, as they are fun and flirty with much more coverage than mini skirts or dresses. Plus, you can style these dresses for any variety of events, both formal and casual! With jewelry, heels, and a nice jacket or sweater, your dress can evolve into an outfit for a night on the town. Or dress things down with flip-flops or sneakers. The options are endless. Getting older doesn’t mean having less fun, so don’t be afraid to try on different lengths and find your perfect fit. You never know what dresses you'll love.

For Nights Out

As we mentioned above, dresses of varying lengths and styles are great for nights out. For your fun evening on the town, you’ll want to be comfortable and stylish, so go for something classic and classy. You can never fail with black dresses (/shop/womens-black-dresses/S-xfg-5x6-xez-y5c-xec), there’s a reason they never go out of style. It’s even scientific. Black clothing actually gives you a boost to appear taller, thinner, and even smoother in problem areas that might need extra support.

Black is slimming, versatile, and looks great on every body and everybody! You still get all the power of a classic little black dress with all the coverage and support of a silhouette that's flattering for you. You can find black dresses in every style, from sundresses and shirt dresses to cocktail dresses and sweater dresses. There's no shortage of styles, cuts, and necklines. It’s all about your comfort level, so choose a black dress that looks and feels great. You'll find yourself wearing it all summer long.

Added Coverage and Support

Sometimes, you just want to feel supported by your dress. Whether you’re looking for more coverage, an added slip dress for support, or other built-in body boosts, the right dresses for women over 60 vary from fun and flirty to more traditional and simple. Modest dresses are great for when you’re feeling like some extra coverage, or just want to ensure you’re feeling age-appropriate, without compromising style.

Go for light and breezy fabrics for hotter summer days to keep things comfortable and breathable. You can always add layers if you get chillier in the evenings or after the sun goes down. It’s better to be cool and comfortable and add layers to dress warmer than be too hot in stuffy fabrics or long-sleeved dresses. Like with all extreme temperatures, light layers are ideal, and summertime is no exception.

All Body Types

Are you struggling to find dresses that fit your body? Want to look and feel good without sacrificing your taste? Whether you’re on the petite, plus, or tall end of the spectrum, there are dresses that look great on all body shapes and sizes. Plus, there are endless designs in specialized sizes, so you don’t end up with one option or boring choice you’re stuck with. No more weird patterns or ugly colors just because it’s the only one in your size. From dresses for tall women to plus-sizes and petites, you’re sure to find the right fit, style, and design that matches your personality. Don’t sacrifice your taste for clothes that fit right. With specialized sizing for every body type in so many styles and designs, you’ll never have to again.

When we get to a certain age, it can get harder to find clothes that fit our style and personal tastes, but with all the right options, it doesn’t have to. No matter your age or favorite styles, these tips will help you find your perfect casual dress to wear all summer long. This summer, stay cool, comfy, and chic with these casual dress options for every occasion. You’ll look great, feel great, and have your best summer ever.


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