Cashmere Sweater or Mock Turtleneck? Which suits you best?

Cashmere Sweater or Mock Turtleneck? Which Suits You Best?

Having a diverse winter wardrobe makes dressing for the cold more exciting. When sweater shopping for the approaching season, it’s good to know what sweater options are out there and which cozy styles are best for you. Two distinct styles of women’s sweaters that we love for this year are the cashmere sweater and the mock turtleneck sweater. Need a refresher on how the mock turtleneck differs from a regular turtleneck? That’s okay, because we're here to clarify the details of these two sweaters styles so you can decide which is best for you for depending on the occasion.

Cashmere Sweaters

There is nothing quite as soft, light and luxurious as a beautiful cashmere sweater, making them irresistible for anyone. Women’s cashmere sweaters are especially glamorous as they bring out any woman’s grace and elegance. Cashmere itself is an exotic thread that comes from the highlands of central Asia in places such as Mongolia. The fabric is famous for its lightness and its unparalleled warmth, making it the perfect choice for winter pieces like sweaters, shawls, mittens and more. When the winter chill arrives, few things feel more luxurious than the perfect cashmere sweater.

Why Cashmere?

Aside from the obvious reason of sheer luxury, there are many reasons a cashmere sweater might be right for your wardrobe. First of all, cashmere sweaters are a go-to for keeping your body insulated in colder weather. The fabric is so lightweight that you can wear cashmere sweaters comfortably beneath heavier layers or a women’s wool coat to keep warm without feeling squeezed or overloaded.

Of course, a cashmere sweater can prevail all on its own. Aside from being used as a layering piece, a cashmere sweater can be worn on its own as a stand-out piece. It is an ideal choice for wearing to the office, to a dinner or to pick up the kids, instantly adding some soft, dressy flair while still helping you feel relaxed and comfortable. Whether you reside in the city or countryside, there is always an occasion for cashmere. Unless you live full time on a tropical island, we honestly can’t think of a woman who couldn’t get full use out of a classic cashmere sweater. Its adaptability makes it a winner for everyone.

Mock Turtlenecks

The mock turtleneck is a little mysterious, as in, is it mocking a turtleneck? How do the two differ? How does one wear it and when? Essentially, a mock turtleneck has all the perks of a traditional turtleneck, but instead of extending from the collarbone to the jawline, the mock turtleneck only goes halfway up the neck. Perhaps a better word would be “half-turtleneck,” as that is indeed what it can look like. The mock turtleneck hugs and accentuates the shape of your neck while not completely concealing it as does a classic turtleneck. This is excellent news for those who want to stay cozy but don’t want to feel completely contained by their sweater of choice. A mock turtleneck keeps you warm while still leaving breathing room around the neck.

Why Mock Turtlenecks?

Even though winter can get quite cold, sometimes we want to wear something that makes us feel bundled but ventilated all at once. The mock turtleneck is the perfect compromise for those who don’t love the feel of full turtlenecks.

Like the cashmere sweater, the mock turtleneck, regardless of its fabric, functions spectacularly as a warm layer in super cold weather, especially if you are enjoying your favorite winter activity outdoors. What mock turtleneck sweaters have over traditional turtlenecks and cashmere is that they are still appropriate during warmer weather. You can comfortably enjoy a mock turtleneck all year–including while on vacation on a tropical island! The mock turtleneck is perfect for keeping your neck warm in the winter while also keeping you cool in summer, making it practical in any season.

The slimmer-fit mock turtlenecks can be worn all on their own with your favorite pair of high-rise jeans or your go-to high-waisted skirt for almost any occasion. If you prefer a looser-fit mock turtleneck, feel free to throw it over a pair of leggings with your cute booties for a casual chic effect. Dress it up with a blazer or dress it down with some lazy boyfriend jeans. A mock turtleneck is so versatile it’s hard to think of a woman who wouldn’t ever wear one.

Whether you choose a cashmere sweater or a mock turtleneck–perhaps a cashmere mock turtleneck?–this winter, know that your wardrobe choice will keep you warm and cozy all season.


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