Cashmere Sweaters That Can Spruce Up Any Outfit

Types of Cashmere Sweaters to Spruce Up Any Outfit

Clothing pieces made from luxury fabrics, like cashmere, have almost a magical power. All you have to do is add one to a basic outfit, and your ensemble is instantly transformed from a plain clothing combination to a cool, put-together look. However, if you want to add a little of this magic to your wardrobe, how do you know which cashmere sweater option to choose? Here are some of the most popular cashmere choices.

A Cashmere Base Layer

Cashmere is an incredibly soft knit made from the downy underlayer of a few special breeds of goat. Quality cashmere knits feel luxurious and smooth, which means that when you wear a cashmere base layer, you'll feel enveloped in soft luxury, whether you're wearing another sweater, a business-casual blazer or an edgy moto jacket over it. Popular base layer options include sleeveless shells, cashmere turtlenecks (and their close cousins: mock turtlenecks), as well as cashmere tank tops and cashmere t-shirts. They're available in a broad selection of colors, and most look equally awesome when you wear them on their own.

A Cashmere Pullover

Women's cashmere sweaters in pullover style are the classic cashmere option, the garment that usually pops into your head when you think of sweaters. And although pullovers are considered a wardrobe basic, they're actually a flexible fashion option that can be worn as a base, all alone, or layered over tops, like tailored shirts and womens blouses. But not all pullover sweaters are alike. Designs vary by neckline, knit thickness, and sleeve styles. Popular types of cashmere pullovers include v-necks crewnecks, boat or ballet necks, and relaxed raglan styles. Cashmere pullovers are especially fun to accessorize because their style can be completely transformed with the addition of accessories, like scarves or jewelry. Even better, pullovers look just as good when they're paired with skirts as they do when worn with jeans or leggings.

A Top Layer

Next up are the sweaters that you'd usually find at the outermost layer of the outfit, like cashmere cardigans, wraps, and ponchos. These are the garments that people generally notice first. Therefore, they're a terrific choice for spotlighting the plush and luxurious nature of a cashmere knit. You can wear a cashmere top layer over another cashmere base (this is the formula for creating the classic sweater twinset), or you can mix and match the materials you wear with them for a more eclectic vibe. Pair them with something like a cotton t-shirt for a casual vibe or a shimmery silver camisole for a more glamorous look

An Oversize Cashmere Sweater

Since cashmere is such a soft knit, it lends itself especially well to relaxed styles that flow and slouch elegantly. Oversize cashmere sweaters, like tunics, ponchos, and shawls, allow you to play with proportions in your outfits. Match them with more form-fitting items, like soft leggings, skinny jeans, or a pretty above-the-knee-length skirt with tights and knee-length boots for an outfit that feels relaxed but not too baggy. Tunics, ponchos, and shawls are quick and easy to toss over an outfit when the day gets unexpectedly cool, and they make it easy to create an effortless, sophisticated look without needing accessories to finish the outfit (although jewelry looks lovely with them, too).

A Cashmere Sweater in a Poppy Pattern

Cashmere sweaters knit featuring patterns, like crisp stripes and bright argyles, are fashion classics for a reason. They're a beautiful outfit option that grabs attention and dresses up basics from jeans and skirts. A few timeless knit patterns, like Fair Isle knits and navy striped sweaters, give any outfit a touch of classic style. More modern patterns create a look with energy and artistic edge.

Add Accessories to Take Your Cashmere to the Next Level

As you've seen, cashmere spruces up outfits because it's both luxurious and amazingly flexible. It takes on the personality of whatever you wear with it. One of the best ways to make your cashmere sweater a good fit for both the season and your style is to have fun switching out the accessories that you pair with them. Start with shoes; choose a strappy sandal if you want to add some springtime zip, suede boots for a rich fall flavor, or thick winter boots to help you face snowy winter days. Jewelry and hats make finishing touches that you can use to make your cashmere look funky and fun or elegant and refined. Pair your sweater with delicate necklaces to make your outfit feel luxurious, or add bold jewelry for a cutting-edge look.

Have fun and experiment with your cashmere, and it can be your shortcut to a stylish look for years.


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