Cashmere Sweaters for Your Grandma

Cashmere Sweaters for Your Grandma

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and many of us will find ourselves thinking about what to get for Grandma. After all the gifts and goodies Grandma has generously given us over the years, what better way to treat her than with the perfect cashmere sweater. The “Granny Sweater” has always gotten a bad rap for being frumpy, ill-fitted, and out of style. This stereotype need not prevail. By upgrading grandma sweaters to the cashmere sweater perfect for Grandma, we can make her feel warm, comfortable, and glamorous all at once.

When it comes to choosing the perfect women’s cashmere sweater for Grandma, we need to think about not just style but also comfort, function, and versatility. There are many cashmere sweaters that will keep Grandma looking fabulous while also staying toasty and snug.

Cashmere is the perfect material because of its unmatched lightness and softness while also keeping the wearer snug and warm. The fine look of cashmere plus its warmth also suits the versatility of Grandma’s lifestyle; the perfect cashmere sweater is suitable both for cozy wear around the home and also family gatherings and social outings.

We’ve made a list of our top picks and tips for choosing cashmere sweaters for your grandma based on comfort, style, and function with enough variety in style to help you pick the sweater that is best for her needs.

1. The Cable Knit

Cable knit sweaters are a forever favorite amongst many–especially grandmas. Blending smooth knit with a subtle dynamic patterned knit makes any sweater more interesting to the eye. There are many cuts and designs available for a cashmere cable knit sweater that Grandma will love. A cashmere cable knit sweater is not as chunky as the typical cable knit, but it offers a wardrobe staple that is both delicate and subtle, keeping Grandma warm without the bulk. A lighter fabric like cashmere is perfect, especially for older grandmothers, who feel more comfortable with less weight without compromising warmth. A cashmere cable knit sweater is lightweight and has a cleaner cut that drapes graciously to keep Grandma both warm and stylish.

2. The Classic Turtleneck

There is nothing quite like a beautifully cut lightweight women’s cashmere turtleneck. A graceful and classic turtleneck is going to keep Grandma warm while also keeping her looking and feeling great. The lightweight of the cashmere fiber allows the fabric around the neck to not feel constricting while also keeping that tender area warm from chilly seasonal air. A classic cashmere turtleneck also works great as a layer beneath another garment so Grandma can stay especially warm, especially as the winter cold sets in.

3. The Perfect Pattern

A great sweater pick for Grandma is the patterned cashmere and Christmas sweaters. Christmas sweaters sometimes have a bad reputation, but our choices of pattered cashmere sweaters combine beautiful colors with delicate patterns (and luxurious softness, of course) to create the perfect holiday season sweater for Grandma. These patterns are not only great for the holidays, but they offer many different color schemes and earth tones to be stylish and relevant for the whole year.

4. The Everyday Crewneck

As we noted, versatility, warmth, and comfort are all important points when picking a sweater for Grandma. A cashmere lightweight crewneck women’s sweater checks all the boxes and is the perfect sweater for every day. Like the turtleneck, it can be worn under other layers of clothing to keep Grandma toasty. Otherwise, it can be worn all on its own as a casual yet classic sweater for all occasions and functions in all seasons and temperatures. Grandma will love the grace and functionality of this style of cashmere sweater.

5. Extra Goodies for Grandma

When buying a cashmere sweater for Grandma, it is important to think about functionality. Here are some extra points to keep in mind when picking out the perfect sweaters for grandmothers.

We recommend thinking about sweater length. Opt for longer sweaters, as she’ll want to keep her hips and thighs warm as well as her torso. There are many styles and designs that allow the cashmere to gracefully drape over the hips and thighs to keep Grandma warm without looking frumpy. In addition to a cozy length, we also highly recommend pockets. That’s right, everyone loves pockets, especially Grandma! Pockets are perfect to help her keep many of her favorites close by, such as tissues, glasses, pens, phones, and more.

Grandma also deserves to look and feel fabulous. A classic, luxurious, functional, and versatile cashmere sweater is a great choice that she will certainly love.


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