Best Cashmere Gifts for the Whole Family

Best Cashmere Gifts for the Whole Family

You’ll never know a material softer, warmer, or more comfortable than cashmere. It’s luxurious to the touch and makes even the most basic wardrobe items feel more indulgent. Moreover, it’s perfectly appropriate to give during the holiday season because it’s something that your recipient can use right away. Here's why cashmere makes the best gifts for a whole family.

For the Mom Always on the Go

Busy moms require convenient, comfortable clothes that won’t restrict their movements and are as functional as they are stylish. A women’s cashmere cardigan is the perfect choice for dozens of reasons. It’s versatile enough to wear with anything from jeans to dresses to corduroy pants. It adds a warming layer to her cold-weather wardrobe, and it’s just as easy to wear on its own as it is to pull on beneath a vest or jacket. It’s also supremely soft, and it lends even the most basic pieces an element of elegance.

For the Man Who Needs an Upgrade

If he tends to wear the same sweaters over and over, now is the perfect time to surprise him with a men’s cashmere sweater. Available in a variety of styles, including classic turtlenecks, simple pullovers, and quarter-zip toppers, the humble cashmere sweater looks perfect with jeans, khaki pants, and dress pants alike. He might like a neutral color, like navy, dark grey, or black. Or perhaps he prefers a bold pop of color, such as red, purple, or green.

For the Outdoorsy Types on Your List

Men and women alike require more than just a light pair of gloves and a barely-there scarf to see them through the coldest days in comfort. Beautiful cold-weather accessories made with cashmere are a reliable, safe choice that you can trust anyone will love. Look for practical basics, like gloves lined with a touch of cashmere to warm up the hands on the most frigid days, or plush scarves that instantly make that unwelcome chill in the air more tolerable. Cashmere hats also make great gifts because they lock body heat inside to keep the wearer a little warmer.

For the Fashion Lovers Who Appreciate Quality

Quality is king no matter what you choose as a gift, but you can truly never go wrong when you give the gift of cashmere. Renowned for its soft texture, the material is great for insulating body heat, which makes it a highly practical choice for winter giving. Despite its warmth, cashmere is generally light and almost silky, which lends it a smooth and refined texture with fibers that are rich yet never bulky. It won’t pill like other soft fabrics, and it will last for years. Who can resist the beauty of something so timeless?

For the Busy Professionals on Your List

Check your list…then check it twice! If everyone has been nice, you have no excuse to deprive them of the beauty of cashmere! Whether it’s a sibling, parent, or someone from your extended family, you’ll make a huge impact on their wardrobe by surprising them with gorgeous cashmere. The material is appropriate for any professional setting, from medical to educational to legal, and is easy to wear underneath everything from blazers to lab coats.

For the Christmas Lovers Who Can’t Resist

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and that means that those folks who love a good Christmas sweater will soon begin breaking out their tackiest tops. Give them something to smile about by surprising them with the cashmere version of their favorite holiday-themed top. Look for pretty additions, like attractive and classic Fair Isle patterns in festive color palettes. These are easy to pair with anything from women’s jeans to khaki pants to pencil skirts, and can be worn anywhere from holiday parties to family dinners!

For the Layering Lovers of the Season

If there’s one wardrobe trick that everyone should know by the time winter rolls around, it’s the fine art of layering. The cashmere turtleneck is a longtime favorite that your recipient can wear under a soft fleece vest or lightweight parka on days that are cool, but not quite cold enough to warrant a hefty winter coat. Sleek cashmere turtlenecks look great beneath sleeveless dresses, too! They make seasonal transitions simpler and are as comfortable as they are stylish.

Not only is cashmere perfect for keeping you cozy throughout fall and winter, but it also happens to make an exceptional gift for someone special on your list.


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